Painkiller Resurrection: Official Demo released!
Friday, October 30, 2009: JoWooD Entertainment AG releases the long-awaited demo for the fast-paced shooter Painkiller: Resurrection.

The Demo contains the complete intro, told in the style of a graphic novel; the tutorial, and the “Cathedral” – the first level of the game’s intense campaign. The Painkiller: Resurrection Demo offers around 5% of the full version playtime. In addition to various powerful weapons (which include The Painkiller as well as the fans’ favorite weapon, the Stake Gun) the Demo also showcases some of the new enemies.

"We have a more intense story than ever before, which in combination with sequences in Graphic Novel style, immersive music and the unique gameplay beloved to Painkiller fans creates a while new Painkiller experience for all those die-hard shooter players out there!" - Ivan Ertlov, CEO Homegrown Games

Painkiller offers straightforward action as the player faces off against the Hordes of Hell, with many surprising twists to the story. For example, the game’s hero – William “Bill” Sherman – is already dead. Ripped apart, in fact, by an exploding C4 load … which he himself had set while trying to kill a drug boss for the secret service. Since the explosion also sent a busload of innocent civilians straight to Nirvana, Hell claims Bill’s immortal soul. But the forces of Heaven have also noticed Bill’s strange powers … Bill is caught between the eternally warring sides, in Purgatory – and receives one chance to get out of the mess he’s in. To succeed, he’ll have to do what he can do best, and likes to do best: Fire huge guns …

Minimum System Requirements
• AMD/Intel CPU 2.4 GHz
• 1.5 GB RAM
• 256MB DX9 graphics adapter (GeForce 6600GT or better)
• 6GB free hard drive space
• Sound card

Recommended System Requirements
• AMD/Intel CPU 2.6 GHz (per core)
• 3 GB RAM
• 512MB DX9 graphics adapter (GeForce 8800 / Radeon 4850 or better)
• 6GB free hard drive space
• Sound card

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