Has Life Become a Tad Predictable?
Company: Juniper Games
Do days stretch into oblivion?

Is something... missing... but you just don't know what?

Juniper Games has just the thing to put sparkle in your eyes, create envy in your friends and better yet - alarm your family!

Yes, you can play a part in the development of a new game! Pick your jaw off the floor and pop those retinas back – yep, you read that right, it's...

Juniper Games' Design a Character Competition!

Juniper Games is pleased to announce a contest, where you, the player, have the chance to get a character of your own design into a game.
And not just ANY game –

We are talking about, Juniper Crescent – The Sapphire Claw!

It's simple. Go to the Juniper games or participating gaming site and read the rules, design your character, send it in and wait anxiously. It's easy, fun and free! That's right, you can enter as many times as you like, for free! Providing you follow the rules.

After the closing date the panel will go through the mountains of entries and pick those we feel deserve to go onto the next round – then it is up to the public. All the finalists will be published at the Juniper Games website and participating gaming sites for public view for 2 weeks. All the finalists will receive a signed print of a Steve Ince version of their character – worth the entry fee on its own!

Everyone will then be able to vote [only once] on their favourite entry. At the end of the voting period – we'll count them all up and see who won [it could be you!]. The winning entry will be used by us to create a brand new character in the interactive thriller...

Juniper Crescent – The Sapphire Claw!

And not only is entering and voting easy AND free! – it gets better! The winner will see their name at the end of a long list of tiny scrolling credits at the end of the amazing game...

Juniper Crescent – The Sapphire Claw!

Yes! Fame is just around the corner! Enter today and avoid the rush!

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