2045: A post-apocalyptic struggle for survival
Company: Just A Game
Berlin, 11th May 2011 – Nuclear Dawn from Berlin publishing house Just A Game combines thrilling first person shooter elements with the sophisticated gameplay of a real-time strategy game. Based on the Source engine, Nuclear Dawn (PC) offers uncompromising multiplayer action where not only fast reactions and local knowledge lead to victory, but skill and tactical savviness are decisive too.

The world in the year 2045: The cities are devastated; conflicts on an apocalyptic scale have destroyed all life in metropolises which were once home to the world’s millions. As soldiers of either the Empire or the Consortium up to 32 players can compete per map. Whether as an assault trooper or a sniper, players can choose from more than a dozen weapons ranging from high-precision sniping rifles to simple assault weapons and rocket launchers.

In addition to the four playable classes, players also have the option of taking on the role of commander whose task is predominantly to make tactical combat decisions. As a team leader the tasks include organising allied fellow players into squads, ensuring that their own unit keeps being supplied and driving forward the technical development to produce more powerful weapons for use against the enemy.

Nuclear Dawn, forged by the Dutch developer Interwave Studios will appear in the 3rd Quarter 2011 and will be available to the trade through Just A Game in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

About Just A Game GmbH:
Just A Game GmbH is a globally operating publisher for computer and video games headquartered in Berlin. The company is a subsidiary of Bob Mobile AG with a strategic focus on two business areas – direct end customer sales of browser-based multiplayer and social games as well as innovative mobile games and licensing and publishing of classic “offline games” for next-gen consoles and PC for the retail market and digital distribution. For further information about Just A Game GmbH and its current publications, please visit www.just-a-game.com

About Bob Mobile AG:
Bob Mobile AG is a holding company in the area of mobile value added services, based in Straelen, Germany. As a leading marketer of mobile and interactive value added services, Bob Mobile has established direct-to consumer distribution in several European countries via its subsidiaries and possesses a technical reach of nearly 200 million mobile phone users. In addition, the Bob Mobile Group develops cutting-edge mobile content & concepts. Bob Mobile specializes in selling its products via TV and the internet and cooperates closely with leading television broadcasters as well as internet networks. The Bob Mobile Group focuses on profitable growth: via expansion into new countries as well as via active product and services development for current as well as new multimedia handsets.
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