Fscene Vols 1-3
Company: Just Flight
FScene is a captivating and subtle makeover for the default scenery of Flight Simulator 2004 and 2002. The three volumes, due for simultaneous release in late July, cover a huge swathe of the planet's surface and are set to transform simulated flying in all four virtual seasons.

FScene Volume 1 – Europe & Africa
FScene Volume 2 – North & South America
FScene Volume 3 – Asia, Australia & New Zealand

Virtual pilots who fly over England's green and pleasant land in Flight Simulator often think that it could be a little more... pleasant. Sometimes they notice that the scenery around Cairo is a bit flat for such a big conurbation. The seasons begin to look a little similar. Now they can solve these problems by the application of the FScene effect! This innovative software transforms the default scenery textures of Flight Simulator 2004/2002 to something with far greater realism. Mountains, forests, jungles and deserts take on a new 3-dimensional feel; the countryside is subtly transformed and urban areas look more... urbane. FScene includes spring, summer, autumn and winter textures and gives virtual flying a makeover that lasts all year!

Three huge regions are improved across the four seasons as the generic ground textures are replaced with more realistic ones

Frame rate-friendly textures don't slow the flying down!

Over 1,500 new files make the default scenery a more beautiful place to fly over

When we describe this software as critically acclaimed we mean it!

"A subtle and visually satisfying improvement..." PC Pilot classic 5/5

"The effect on urban areas is simply spectacular" avsim.com

Armchair Award winner - Flightsim.com

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Flight Simulator 2004 or 2002, Windows XP - DirectX8.1 (or later)

MINIMUM HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: PC with 1.7 GHz equivalent or higher processor, DVD-ROM drive, 256 Mb RAM, 32 Mb DirectX 8.1 compatible video card, 500Mb hard disk space per volume
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