C-130 Hercules Orders Now Being Taken
Company: Just Flight
The RAF’s heavy hauler is fully loaded and on its way to re-supply Flight Simulator 2004. Clear the decks and get ready to see some leading edge logistics!

Label: Just Flight
Developer: Captain Simulations
Genre Flight Simulation
Release February 24th
RRP £29.99/€44.95/$49.99
UK Barcode: 5035063002406
German Barcode: 5035063002611
French Barcode: 5035063004578
SKUs: English/German/French

Pre-order C-130 Hercules now!

C-130 Hercules is off for mastering and is now available to pre-order from our site. Pre-ordered copies will ship on 24th February. This fantastic aircraft has been hotly anticipated and comes with in-flight refuelling, scenery of RAF Lyneham, an exclusive tutorial and 240-page printed manual. Not to mention over 50 liveries that span the three variants (I said not to mention those - Ed). All this (and more) for a very reasonable £29.99/E44.95/$49.99. Head to the Just flight website to get your order in now – www.justflight.com

Detailed features:

52 highly detailed models of the C-130 Hercules are included in the following liveries:

Air Contractors - civilian operator.
Australian Air Force – C-130E Grey-white livery.
Austrian Air force - C-130K
Belgium Air Force - C-130E (30th Anniversary)
Belgium Air Force - C-130E (20th Anniversary)
Canadian Air Force – CC-130 Grey livery.
Egyptian Air Force - C-130E
Evergreen International - C-130E
French Air Force - C130H
Fuerza Aerea Mexicana - C-130E
Fuerza Aérea Venezolana - C-130E (X2)
Hellenic Air Force - C-130H (X2)
Israel Air Force - C-130E
Italian Air Force – C-130H - Grey livery.
Just Flight Livery - C130K - G-OJFL
Portuguese Air Force - C-130 H - Camouflage Livery.
Royal Air Force - C-130K - 1980 livery - 25th anniversary.
Royal Air Force - C-130K - Current green livery.
Royal Air Force - C-130K - 1970-90 livery.
Royal Air Force - C-130K - 1970-90 Livery with rough strip preparation.
Royal Air Force - C-130K - 1970-90 livery – Operation Bushel.
Royal Air Force - C-130K - Operation Granby Desert ‘pink’ Scheme.
Royal Air Force - C-130K - Early Desert/delivery livery.
Royal Air Force - C-130K - 70-80s Camouflage
Royal Air Force - C-130K - Current grey livery (with refuelling probe).
Royal Air Force - C-130K - 80's Grey/Green camouflage livery.
Royal Morocco Air Force - C-130E
RNLAF - Royal Netherlands Air Force - C-130E camouflaged
RNLAF - Royal Netherlands Air Force - C-130E grey livery
RNoAF - Royal Norwegian Air Force - C-130H - 335 SDQ. (Tor)
RNoAF - Royal Norwegian Air Force - C-130H - 335 SDQ (Balder)
RNoAF - Royal Norwegian Air Force - C-130H 70s camouflage
RNoAF - Royal Norwegian Air Force - C-130H 80s camouflage
Royal Thai Air Force - C-130E
Royal Thai Air Force - C-130E - Camouflage Livery Weathered
Royal Thai Air Force - C-130E - 20th Anniversary
Royal Thai Air Force - C-130E - 20th Anniversary - Weathered
Royal Thai Air Force - C-130E - Registration 60103
Royal Thai Air Force - C-130E - Grey livery
Royal Thai Air Force - C-130E - Grey livery - Weathered
Swedish Air Force - C-130H – Grey livery.
Spanish Air Force - C-130H - Grey livery
Spanish Air Force - C-130H - Mediterranean livery
USAF C-130E – 80's camouflage livery.
USAF C-130E – 70's camouflage livery.
USAF C-130E – Grey livery.
US Air Force Air National Guard - C-130 H - CO ANG 302 AW 96-7323
US Coast Guard - HC-130H - white-red livery.
US Forestry Service - C-130 Fire Tanker T-67 - N531BA
US Navy Blue Angels "Fat Albert" C-130E

• The models have animated crew windows, crew door, rear side sliding doors, cargo ramps, operating APU doors, featherable propeller blades, operating parachute jump wind deflectors as well as the normal operating flight surface and landing gear animations, even the landing lights are animated!

• List of the Custom 3D Animations (81 in total!) on the exterior of the Models:

- Forward Door
- Aft Doors (2)
- Emergency Escape Hatches (3)
- Flag
- Air Deflectors (2)
- GTC Door
- Ground vehicle
- Cargo Ramp
- Cargo Ramp Tracks (2)
- Cargo ramp door
- Pilots' Windows (2)
- Dust excluders and duct plugs (12)
- Wheel Chocks (6)
- Wipers (2)
- Landing lights (2)
- Engine Oil cooler flaps (4)
- Propellers Rotation (4)
- Propeller Blades Pitch (16)
- Wing Flaps (4)
- Ailerons (2)
- Rudder Elevator (2)
- Ailerons trim tab (2)
- Rudder trim tab
- Landing Gear (extension/retraction, wheel rotation, shocks animation) (3)
- Elevator trim tab (2)
- Nose wheel Steering

• Realistic flight model.
• High quality 2D panels.
• Virtual Cockpit (3D) with animated controls that even include the nose wheel steering wheel!
• Authentic engine and cockpit sounds recorded from the real aircraft.
• Accurate high quality day and night textures.
• Authentic smokey engine exhaust trails.
• ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor) utility.
• Livery repaint kit.
• Accurate Systems Programming.
• Wing views.
• Comprehensive manuals.
• Special effects; Infra red launchers, fuel dump.
• Detailed scenery of Royal Air Force Lyneham – Home of the RAF Hercules.
• In Flight Refuelling! Do you have the skill to get the Hercules in position behind a RAF VC10 tanker and take on fuel? Unique to the Just Flight C-130 Hercules this is a real test of your skill and is based on real-world Royal Air Force procedures.

•Comprehensive ‘first flight’ tutorials.

System requirements

Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
PC with 1.7 GHz equivalent or higher processor
512Mb of system RAM for 2000/XP
64Mb video card required
Hard disk space TBC
Direct X 8.1 or higher
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

About Just Flight
Just Flight is the world's leading flight simulation specialist, publishing a wide variety of digital aviation products. Their range comprises a multitude of different titles, including stand alone flight simulations as well as add-ons for Microsoft’s multi-million selling Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator. Just Flight also has Just Trains, a specialist label devoted to stand alone train simulators as well as add-ons for the ever-popular Microsoft Train Simulator.

A British company, based in Cambridge, Just Flight has been established for ten years. It prides itself on quality, value and customer service, which it backs up with a unique money-back guarantee on all its products.

About the Royal Air Force
Formed in April 1918, the Royal Air Force has defended Great Britain from Bapaume to Bosnia. The RAF and its pilots are still acknowledged as the best in the world, and their battle honours are many and glorious. Part of their role involves keeping our armed forces supplied throughout the world and to help them in this task they use the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, The Herc’ is the most numerous transport aircraft in the west and has been in production longer than any other aircraft in history. The prototype flew in August 1954 and since then over 60 nations have ordered the Hercules. Those in use by the RAF are C-130K versions (known as Hercules C1 and C3) and initial deliveries (of a total of 66 ordered) were made during the mid-1960s and many are destined to remain in service for some years to come, although about half of the fleet have been replaced by the updated C-130 (C4 and C5). Find out more at www.raf.mod.uk
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