Just Flight announces the neXt generation of its AI Traffic series
Company: Just Flight
Just Flight are pleased to confirm the rumours of the development of Traffic X, the most advanced generation of the highly popular series of AI traffic programs from Just Flight for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Traffic X is on schedule to be released in Quarter 1, 2007 and will have custom features designed to take maximum advantage of the new features that are available in Flight Simulator X whilst still encompassing the established features that have made the Traffic series such a ‘must buy‘ in the past.

New aircraft, more traffic!
Traffic X employs completely reworked and updated aircraft for FSX with new and more detailed high-quality airline liveries.

In total the package will include 65 individual, different aircraft models with numerous airline liveries and paint schemes, totalling to more than 1,500 individual aircraft that can be see around the world!

Featured aircraft include massive commercial airliners, regional jets and turboprops, business aircraft, general aviation aircraft even helicopters and, for the first time in the Just Flight Traffic series, military aircraft.

But that’s not all! For the first time Traffic X will include ships, boats and ferries, to add even more life to your Flight Simulator living world.

New features!
The new Traffic ControlCenter (TCC) program will give you full access to customise and expand your AI traffic in a new exciting user interface.
With Traffic EXplorer and Traffic Map you can view all the AI traffic in your area.
The new Traffic Editor with improved flight planning and greatly enhanced traffic generation features will allow you to easily create new flights, be it random generated traffic or scheduled connections as in real world.
The Flyable aircraft tool and Traffic Paint Tool will let you add new liveries to your fleet of AI aircraft and even make them flyable so that you can fly the world with your favourite airline.

You – the ATC controller! Yes it’s true! For the first time ever you will be able to take over the role of an Air Traffic Controller and be in charge of the traffic around your airport! This new module will also greatly improve the traffic flow around your busy, busy airports.

Extras, extras, extras
All new recorded and eXpanded ATC Voices will add a new ‘regional’ touch to your Flight Simulator world.
Traffic X is a great program for those who just want to watch the busy bustle of the airports and with new features for this it’s going to be even more fun:
The all-new Follow-me car lets you explore the airport from the ground and even “guide” incoming AI aircraft to their parking positions.
Spotty, the plane spotter and the Control Tower view will let you watch aircraft as they are landing and departing and listen to the ATC communications.
Graphic Departure and Arrival boards will show you the status of all incoming and outgoing flights at each airport, from “Boarding” to “Baggage reclaim”.

Look out for more exciting news and pictures of Traffic X on the Just Flight website and forums!

Traffic X - Arriving at Flight Simulator X near you soon!
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