A Packed Just Flight Hangar for 2007
Company: Just Flight
Label: Just Flight
Genre Flight Simulation 2004 & FSX

It’s building up to be a busy year for Just Flight. We’ve currently got over a dozen new titles on the radar for release this year and there are more in the pipeline, so expect further announcements. More and more products will be available to buy by direct download if this method is more convenient and suitable.

We know that not everyone has yet to upgrade to FSX yet, so there's plenty here for the dedicated FS2004 pilot. We've got airliners both classic and modern, prop-driven warbirds, a jet fighter, helicopter, a business jet, GA favourite, mission pack and even a collection of Orbiter space shuttles for you to guide back to terra firma!

Release dates for all of these fantastic add-ons are still to be confirmed but we hope that this list whets your appetite. To keep up to date with the release dates for forthcoming titles please refer to the Just Flight website – www.justflight.com

2007 LINE UP

Legacy (FSX & 2004) – Embraer’s luxury jet

DC-10 Collection (FSX & FS2004) – Fly a true classic in F-Lite guise

Space Shuttle (FSX & FS2004) – something completely different from Captain Sim

VFR Real Scenery Central and Southern England (FSX) – Accurate photographic scenery of Central and Southern England.

VFR Real Scenery Birmingham (FSX) - Accurate photographic scenery of Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry

Rescue Pilot Mission Pack (FSX) – A truly great set of exciting missions for FSX

Eurofighter (FSX & FS2004) – Europe’s latest fighter will soon be ready for deployment

R44 Helicopter (FSX & FS2004) – A brilliant Robinson from the team that brought you the much acclaimed Schweizer 300

VFR Real Scenery Wales and South East England (FSX) - Accurate photographic scenery of Wales and the South West of England.

Mosquito (FSX & FS2004) – The Wooden Wonder is at action stations

VFR Real Scenery Northern England (FSX & FS2004) - Accurate photographic scenery of Northern England

757 Professional (FSX and FS2004) – the spectacular 757 in -200 and -300 variants from renowned developer PSS

A330 – 200/300 (FSX & FS2004) – An amazing Airbus addition to the F-Lite fleet

Archer (FSX and FS2004) – A highly detailed GA classic

P-38 Lightning (FSX & FS2004) – Lockheed’s iconic high altitude fighter/recon aircraft from the Aeroplane Heaven team
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