K2 Network Reveals The Final Four Character Class Details for MMORPG Red Stone
Company: K2 Network
July 19, 2007---Red Stone is a Free2Play episodic MMORPG that offers players a unique fantasy experience with a deep storyline and a retro appeal. Red Stone takes players deep into dangerous lands with 8 different character classes and compelling strategic missions, and players will quest to recover the lost shards of a powerful jewel in order to restore peace to the destroyed world.

Previously, K2 Network revealed the first four of the eight character classes in the game: The Squire/Warrior, the Magic Archer/Magic Lancer, the Magician/Werewolf and the Priest/Fallen Angel. Below are the first details on the remaining four unique transforming character classes in the game.

They are the:
Tamer/Summoner and the Thief/Monk as well as the Princess/Little Witch and the Necromancer/Demon.

Prandel is home to many creatures. Human, animal… and supernatural. The supernatural include evil beings like undead and vampires, but there are also other entities known as “divine creatures”.

Divine creatures are in tune with the elemental powers, and have a nature containing one or more elemental attributes. They are spirits with physical bodies that are imbued with the power of fire, water, wind, and earth. Along with the four elements, there are also divine creatures that manifest light and darkness.

Summoners are able to interact with these divine creatures. Some attribute this ability to sorcery, however, there are certain distinctions from traditional magic. Sorcerers directly use the power of the four elements and materialize them into certain forms, while summoners communicate with divine creatures and manifest elemental power via the creatures rather than directly.

Rather than communing with divine creatures, tamers focus on interactions with natural animals. Mother Nature is their domain. Tamers spend their lives learning to communicate with animals, and can soothe even the most savage beast.

The ability scores of this profession affect the power of their pets:

Strength – Increases the attack ability of pets.
Agility – Increases the defensive power of pets.
Health – Increases HP regeneration of pets.
Knowledge – Increases pet skill levels.
Charisma – Reduces the delay on taming a pet over which the tamer has lost control.

Skills –
Praise – Lavish your pet with love and praise, temporarily increasing their potency. This skill will cause your pets level to be raised briefly.
Spice of Life – Use ancient techniques to combine a blend of herbs and spices to nourish your pet, improving their status. This skill can only be used once per day due to the rarity of the necessary ingredients.
Gail Punch – Focus your energy into a single strike, viciously punching with the force of gail winds. A successful hit will cause a small tornado to arise, damaging all enemies in its vicinity.
Riding Dog – Summon forth your fire dog and bend him to your will, allowing you to ride him. You are able to attack while mounted on your fire dog.
Vacuum Point – Creates a pocket of turbulence hindering the attacks of and damaging all enemies in its area of effect.

There is some debate as to whether being a thief is actually considered a legitimate “job”, as stealing another’s possessions is generally frowned upon. However, those with the skills of a thief can do far more than just steal. They often work as detectives, spies, trap-finders, and treasure hunters.

A thief is somewhat of a specialist within an adventuring party, as their many and varied skills help smooth the path of the entire group. They can scout out groups of enemies in advance, disarm any traps that might be in the way of the group, and help the group to locate the most desirable treasure.

All of this does not mean that thieves are incapable of protecting themselves, however. They are quite capable of fighting via an assortment of deadly weapons including throwing daggers, darts, and javelins. Many thieves often learn methods of unarmed combat, which makes the most of their quick reflexes. Those who specialize as monks learn pressure points, striking precise areas of the body to inflict great harm. The southern villages of the Augusta Peninsula house the best training facilities for these unarmed martial arts.

Skills –
Darting Fever – Unleash a flurry of darts on your attacks in a 360 degree arc, striking all of your surrounding opponents. This will only strike targets who are already engaged in combat with you or your party.
Ankle Trap – A vicious trap designed to catch your enemy unawares. Its steel teeth will hold your enemy fast as they bite into their ankle, preventing escape.
Robbery – Using your mastery of confusion and subtlety you attempt to rob your opponent of their valuable belongings in the midst of combat.
Imbalancing Kick – Striking swiftly with your leg, you attempt to knock your opponent off balance. This attack will render your opponent powerless and temporarily paralyzed as well as provide a critical strike bonus.
Seize – Your heightened reflexes cause time to slow around you, allowing you to react to your enemies’ offensive. This skill will allow you to attempt to grab an incoming projectile before it strikes you.

Princess/Little Witch
One might wonder where all of these princesses come from. The answer is not entirely clear. There are rumors that Tatcrapt Kizer Straus, the king of Nacrema and a legendary womanizer is the common father. However this seems to be quite exaggerated. Tatcrapt’s bachelorhood was the stuff of which legends are made, but the sheer number of princesses found in Prandel currently seems beyond even his abilities. The Princesses possess mystical transformation abilities, which are the source of further speculation about their origin. Some suspect the princesses arrived on Prandel from another planet or even another dimension entirely.

Princesses have an eclectic array of abilities, from attacking enemies with their slings to a strange variety of charms and powers of confusion. Their specialty is long-range combat with their slings, even extending to slinging items at foes and friends alike. They have learned the useful art of slinging liquid medicines and restoratives at their friends, providing lifesaving healing power at a distance.

A Princess is able to transform into a little witch, going from a small girl to a full-grown adult instantly. Little witches use strange and unique magic based on light and sound. This lends to the rumors of their interplanetary origins, as the stories say that their magic comes from the power of the stars themselves.

Skills –
Kiss of the Princess – Attempt to confuse your enemies by sitting down and crying in combat, all while blowing kisses to your enemies. Weak willed monsters will be turned into frogs.
Play Dead – This skill allows you to avoid your enemies by pretending to be dead. It is recommended you only attempt this sparingly as your enemies will not easily be fooled a second time.
Battle March – Inspire your party members to acts of heroism as you enact a mighty song increasing their Attack Power, Accuracy and Speed.
Ultra Nova – Strike your enemies with the power of a falling star, smashing all enemies in the vicinity of impact and lowering their abilities.
Lightning Winder – The energy generated from your transformation is unleashed in a violent storm of lightning, damaging all nearby enemies. Using this skill will exhaust your energies and convert you back into the Princess.

When the Red Stone first appeared on Prandel, it attracted demons from the Underworld. Some of these demons chose to hide their true identities while on the surface world, assuming the guise of necromancers so they could fit in with the humans. The skills of a necromancer, raising the dead and issuing powerful curses, fit just fine for a demon.

These demons are different from the red demons that first arose on the surface world. Fearing that the red demons would find the Red Stone first and use its power to dominate the Underworld, other demons came to the surface to both fight the red demons and capture the Red Stone for themselves.

Many demons never show their true identities on the surface, and some even lose their demonic powers entirely, residing on the surface world purely as necromancers. Those who witness a necromancer in their true form, however, will never forget the horror of the magic of hell.

Skills –
Animate Partner – Resurrect one of your party members as a member of the Undead! This skill allows one of your party members to continue fighting and prevents their death even if they would die otherwise. When the timer expires the party member will return to their dead state.
Dark Torture – Your enemy becomes cursed in an ancient tongue, invoking a magical torture upon them. Every time they attempt to attack they are stricken with pain.
Inferno Bar – Places a magical ward on yourself, guarding your from harmful attacks. Attacks against you will cause bars wrought of iron to spring from the ground and imprison your foe.
Mortal Cloud – Hellish gases permeate the area, causing death and decay to all those caught in it’s area of effect. Any enemy who does not immediately escape the gases will be killed as their lungs fill with poison vapors.
Bloody Cross – Attacks against you will summon a cursed, blood covered cross to defend you. The crosses curse will drain the stamina of nearby enemies, returning it to your party members.
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