Action Platformer Alien Spidy arrives on PlayStation® Network
Company: Kalypso Media
Leicester, UK – 8th May 2013. Kalypso Media Digital Ltd. is proud to announce its action-platformer Alien Spidy is available to purchase now on the PlayStation® Store in Europe for £7.99/ €9.99. To celebrate the launch of the web slinging hero, Kalypso has released a new, action packed trailer.

Developed by Enigma Software, Alien Spidy is a single-player action-platformer that delves deep into the world of a technologically advanced alien spider whose space ship crashes on earth while searching for his lost friend Virgi. Alone on the alien planet “Spidy” sets out to find his friend, but also needs to collect the lost parts of his crashed space ship, whilst avoiding the unfriendly local inhabitants. Spidy must overcome the many obstacles he encounters by using clever web-swinging mechanics as he explores wildly interactive and colourful environments brought to life with beautifully smooth animations.

Features of Alien Spidy:

Great Controls: Intuitive controls enable players to walk, run, jump, push, swing, and swim.
Simple Training: Learn the ropes in five training levels.
69 Levels, Three Stages: Explore 69 levels across three vast stages (Forest, Pond, Caves).
Leaderboards: Compete with friends by comparing level-specific and global scores on the online leaderboards.
Non-Linear Level Structure: After the five Training levels, each stage enables players to choose the levels they want, and in which order they want to play them in.
Lots of NPCs: Experience a broad, evolving cast of non-playable characters and diverse enemies - from lazy sloths, needle-shooting hedgehogs, ravenous fish, pesky mosquitos, and lots more - in each level and setting.
Collect Orbs and Power-ups: Collect energy orbs and power-ups to progress and defeat enemies.
Secret Levels: Earn stars to unlock special secret levels.
Unity3D: Alien Spidy is built on the Unity3D Engine.

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About The Kalypso Media Group
Founded in 2006 in Germany by industry veterans Simon Hellwig and Stefan Marcinek, Kalypso Media is a global, independent developer, marketer and publisher of interactive entertainment software with 120 employees world-wide.

Along with Headquarters in Worms, Germany, the company has offices in the United Kingdom and the United States. Kalypso Media also enjoys very strong global digital distribution through its Kalypso Media Digital Ltd. Subsidiary, and owns three development studios – Realmforge Studios GmbH, Gaming Minds Studios GmbH and Noumena Studios GmbH – and works with multiple leading independent developers.

Kalypso Media‘s titles include the critically acclaimed Omerta – City of Gangsters, Port Royale 3, Tropico 4, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Dungeons. Upcoming multi-platform titles include DARK and The Dark Eye – Demonicon. Further information about Kalypso Media is available at

About Enigma Software Productions
ENIGMA Software Productions is a talented and experienced videogame production studio based in Madrid. With 15 years of experience, ENIGMA is one of the most veteran and reliable companies of the game industry in SPAIN.

With a large track record of releases proving its high versatility in creating original and fresh concepts in different game genres (Strategy, RPG, FPS, Edutainment, Simulation, Online multiplayer…) in all major platforms (PS3TM, PSPTM, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Wii, DS…).

Recently the company has released the awarded title “Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign”, a thrilling Turn Based Strategy war game set in the WWII for PSPTM, and currently being ported to Xbox 360, PS3TM and Windows PC.
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