Take to the Skies! Air Conflicts: Vietnam Launches for Retail in the UK Today
Company: Kalypso Media
Bracknell, UK, 18th October 2013 – Are you ready to enter the cockpit and throw yourself into battle across the deadly skies of Vietnam? Well it’s time to do your duty, as Air Conflicts: Vietnam is launched today for retail in the UK and Pan-European territories. Experience the explosive conflict of Vietnam by piloting incredible fighter jets and helicopters, destroying enemy artillery and guiding your squadron to victory.

Plus, take a look at the brand new trailer showing off the fearsome combat aircraft you’ll encounter in the game: the infamous MiG-15 and MiG-21. Download the new trailer and get a closer look at both planes as they tear up the skies!

Air Conflicts: Vietnam is out today for PC, the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

View the new ‘Aircraft Showcase #1’ trailer for Air Conflicts: Vietnam here

Vietnam. 1965. A long-simmering conflict escalates into a full-fledged war, and you are about to become a big part of it.

Jump into the cockpit of some of the finest combat aircraft as young Joe Thompson, a newly minted U.S. military pilot. He is brave, talented and ready to do his duty, but his experiences during this war will change him forever.

Air Conflicts: Vietnam is an arcade-styled air-combat game that immerses players in the harrowing skies over Vietnam. Take to the air in screaming fighter jets or grab the controls of devastating helicopter gunships as you shatter enemy encampments with explosive ordinance, decimate North Vietnamese ace fighter squadrons, escort bombers as they deliver their deadly payload, or rescue stranded soldiers and deliver support troops to the ever-changing front lines of the vicious battlefield.

Key Features of Air Conflicts: Vietnam

Live a thrilling wartime narrative. In an epic single-player campaign, filled with heroic moments and the darker side of war, your performance in air combat and support missions drives the story from the initial escalation of tension, through key battles of the Vietnam War and, ultimately, the fall of Saigon.
Jump into the cockpit for instant action. Pilot and customize more than 20 planes and – for the first time in the Air Conflict series – helicopters, including the workhorse UH-1 Iroquois, fire-breathing AH-1 Cobra attack gunships, the devastating F4 Phantom and F104 Starfighter jets, plus fearsome enemy MIG fighter jets.
Lead your squadron to victory. Command up to four jets or helicopters, maximizing their unique abilities to complete challenging objectives, while earning experience, leveling up and improving your leadership and air combat skills.
Challenge your friends for air supremacy. Play up to eight online opponents in nail-biting, fast-paced capture-the-flag, deathmatch and team deathmatch air battles.
Get your groove on. As you test your pilot skills against AI or human opponents, treat your ears to a cool rock soundtrack in the style of vintage Vietnam-era tunes.

Air Conflicts: Vietnam is released today in the UK and Pan-European territories – review copies are available on request.

For more information on the game please visit: http://www.kalypsomedia.com/en/index.shtml
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