Kalypso Media Announce Race On!
Company: Kalypso Media
Kalypso media and bitComposer Games have today announced the release of RACE ON due out on PC on the 12th November, 2009.

RACE ON is the official game of the two world’s biggest touring car spectacles; Fia World Touring Car Challenge (WTCC) and the Swedish Touring Car Challenge (STCC).

RACE ON features all of the cars and circuits from both the WTCC and STCC and in addition you will also be treated to a massive selection of US Muscle Cars and circuits.

With over 45 tracks, 17 different race categories and more than 39 different vehicles in 450 variations, the Swedish racing supremos have created the most comprehensive title in the series to date.

RACE ON features:

• 39 unique car models in 450 variations
• 47 tracks including variations in 17 different classes
• Multiplayer, up to 25 AL or real players online
• Various real life championships including accurate regulations
• RACE ON also includes Full versions of RACE 97 – The WTCC Game, STCC – The Game and Volvo – The Game.

RACE ON is the latest title in the RACE series from the renowned Swedish racing game specialists SimBin and will be published by bitComposer Games GmbH and distributed by Kalypso Media on the 12th November, 2009 at a RRP of £29.99 in the UK. For more information about RACE ON, please visit: www.simbin.com. For further info on bitComposer Games, please visit: www.bit-composer.com

About Kalypso Media
Specialising in the publishing of interactive media – primarily computer games - Kalypso Media was founded in summer 2006 by industry veterans Simon Hellwig and Stefan Marcinek. A year later, the sister company Kalypso Media UK Ltd. was opened in England and is now led by Andrew Johnson and Charlie Barrett, two experienced members of the Kalypso Media Group management team. In 2009 Kalypso Media Inc. was established in the USA headed up by Deborah Tillett. Kalypso Media also own two development studios, Realmforge Studios GmbH and Gaming Minds Studios GmbH both of which are located in Germany.

About bitComposer Games
bitComposer Games is an independent publisher of PC and computer games with its head office in Eschborn, Germany. The company focuses on the international marketing of software entertainment products for the classic PC, console and handheld platforms. bitComposer Games works with experienced development teams and service providers worldwide to develop in-house projects, licensed titles and commissioned productions. For more information, please visit: www.bit-composer.com
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