Mac Version Available for Download Today
Company: Kalypso Media
Bracknell, UK – 15th May 2012 - Kalypso Media is pleased to announce that Pole Position 2012, the management simulation game for the king of motorsports is now available to purchase directly from the Mac App Store.

Pole Position 2012 challenges players to win the checkered flag by designing the perfect car from the ground up, recruiting drivers, and advancing your racing technology through an all-new tech tree. Pole Position 2012 can be purchased directly from the Mac App Store for £20.99/€23.99 here:

Pole Position 2012 will put your management skills to the test by putting you in charge of your very own racing team. It’s your responsibility to design the car, buy spare parts and to recruit the members of your team. Once your team is assembled you need to decide which training sessions are the most appropriate for your drivers.

Pole Position 2012 offers more features than ever in a racing team management simulation. The whole technology tree has been built from the ground up allowing you to pick your own research from over 100 new technology projects. A new management system means it’s even easier to create your own crew.

Pole Position 2012 Features:
· Your racing team – take control of an existing racing team or create your very own team
· Driver Editor –create your very own driver using the integrated Driver Editor in the new Pole Position
· Improved tech tree – research more than 100 new car technologies using an improved technology tree, which allows you to see your progress in the blink of an eye.
· Team members – the new team management system has more importance than in the previous games, and it’s also easier and more fun to use.
· Team installations – your team owns its own installations, where you can build different structures, such as a wind tunnel or a fitness centre. And you can even improve those structures as the game progresses.
· Private life – the new Pole Position doesn’t forget you, the manager, also have needs. Make your dreams come true and live a life of luxury: get your own sports car, a villa on the Riviera or even a private jet plane.
· Training schedule – decide on the individual training sessions of your pilots to help them improve their skills.
· Car setup – thanks to an easy-to-use car setup system, you can take everything out of your cars and rebuild them from scratch to improve their performance on each specific racetrack.


About The Kalypso Media Group
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