New Miner Wars 2081 Rendering Engine Features, New Logo, New Release
Great news from Miner Wars development - VRAGE engine got brand new hi-end features implemented (video), brand new game logo is available on our website, 6 new team members hired and much more other stuff...

New rendering engine features:
- Image-Based Anti-Aliasing (FXAA).
- Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO).
- Real spot lights with shadows.
- Sun light with much better precision.
- HDR, environmental textures, bloom/blur.
- Multiple monitor support.

See new Rendering Engine Video Showcase -


New game and editor features:
- Modular mothership weapons - large weapons and turrets that can aim and shoot at enemy!
- Third person camera (attached behind your spaceship).
- Many new prefabs for the game and editor – tunnels, chambers, armor, rooms.
- Special prefab types – lights, kinematic prefabs (doors).
- 12 new playable space ships (that means 22 playable space ships in the current build).
- Improved mouse and keyboard controls, allowing for more intuitive gameplay.
- Improved and fixed explosions with more debris.
- Holographic semi-transparent markers to show true scale proportions of the in-game objects (size of a ship, man etc.) – apart of their practical function, they look great, especially with the implemented HDR and emissive textures.
- Many other fixes and enhancements.


New Miner Wars 2081 Logo
Created by our senior 3D artist Filip Novy – and it looks fantastic! You can see it on the top of our website ( or in the game itself.

Miner Wars 2081 Pre-Alpha Price Increase
The retail price of Miner Wars has been incremented to 19.99 USD. That means there is now a 50% discount from the final price of 39.99 USD. We are going to gradually increase the price up to the final level during the development of the game. If you buy the Pre-Alpha now, you get immediate access to the game in the current developmental stage and follow with us on the game development with every release (new release with extra features and updates is available approximately once a month). Buying in during Pre-Alpha stage will include (of course!) the final full game as well.

New Team Members
We have recently added some new members to our team – two new on-site beta testers and four new programmers!

Coming Soon:
Encyclopedia of Miner Wars Universe – Explore the history between now and 2081, understand what major events played important roles in the post-apocalyptic setting of the game, learn about the influential political factions and personalities, high-end technologies and even the underground and society behind the game story. Currently, the encyclopedia has over 40 pages and is a player-friendly companion to the internal game design document.

More Game Content – Since the technological part of the project advanced a lot in the last few months, the game is now ready to add game specific content. Soon you can expect the game to be more populated. Apart of procedurally generated content (thousands of asteroids) there will be also some man-made assets: space stations, mining facilities, more AI mining and fighter ships, armed motherships etc.

More Realistic Game Experience – First of all, a kind of survival based gameplay inside the sandbox mode will be implemented. Soon enough, you will have to manage your resources; Oxygen, fuel, electricity and cargo capacity. You will be able to recharge and refuel (fuel, oxygen, electricity) at a space station or some outpost, mine for ores in the asteroids and unload the cargo at the mothership and even conduct ship repairs in case you get damaged etc.

New Editor User Interface – New toolbars with more intuitive controls allowing for easier and faster creation of custom sectors and levels.

Events in Editor – Implementation of events will allow for more control over the game scripting. You can imagine simple events like “if you destroy this object, something will happen”. All of this will be controlled by the map designer (i.e. potentially not only developer, but also any gamer).

VRAGE Particle Editor – Our senior programmer, Petr Minarik is working on it these days. We decided to implement our own custom particle editor instead of using an existing third party one, therefore it should be well designed to fit into Miner Wars and give more power to our graphic artists enhancing the look of all the effects, weapon projectile graphics and explosions.

More Mothership Weapons and Modules – New automatic towers, cannons and other devices for use on motherships and other huge space objects will be added.