Killer Features Trailer for Miner Wars 2081
Prague, Czech Republic, November 21th, 2011 – Keen Software House is pleased to announce a new “KILLER FEATURES” trailer for the upcoming title Miner Wars 2081.

The trailer shows the recently added features of the current development version and the whole Miner Wars 2081 team will be working their asses off to make as many of those features available in a new public downloadable demo version in the following weeks. We are approaching to the end of the pre-alpha phase of development where we focused on technical aspects (VRAGE engine) and we are now moving into the large scale gameplay development phase.

See the trailer yourself to get an idea of what is already there in the secret depths of our machines and what should soon come out public, polished and sweet. By the way, the trailer mentions all the important (“KILLER”) game features, not only those upcoming ones.

Trailer link:

Some of the KILLER FEATURES of Miner Wars 2081:
- Voxel asteroids – over 8 kilometers in size!
- Fully destructible environments
- Over 300 space ships on a screen
- Build & Fight In Real-Time
- Create sectors, fortresses and space stations - Share your creations online
- Best works will get into the official campaign!
- Use Voxel hand to build and destroy voxel objects
- First person and third person camera
- Intuitive six degrees of freedom
- State of the art rendering technology
- Travel the whole Solar System
- Fully persistent world
- Harvest the Ore
- Tens of minerals and surfaces to Discover, Mine and Trade
- Epic story campaign in rich game universe
- Fanatical community supported by developers


Miner Wars 2081 is a 6DOF interior and space shooter played in a fully destructible environment featuring single player, co-op, and standard multi-player modes, with an MMOG in the planning stages.

As a player, you operate an advanced mining ship in an open world asteroid belt area.

You dig kilometers of tunnels, harvest the ore, travel the solar system, fight your enemies and discover mysterious alien secrets. Game-play is led by an epic story and is a combination of a single/multi-player game, cooperative, or you against everyone.

The story will introduce you to many types of missions: rescue, exploration, revenge, base defense, theft, transportation, stealth, search and destroy, pure harvesting, racing or just flying around and destroying everything you see.

World release: Q1 2012

Platform: Windows, Xbox 360 Live Arcade

Keen Software House a. s is an independent software development and publishing company focused on creating innovative video games. We are passionate gamers who love developing games and we want to make games that people like to play.
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