Miner Wars MMO Available On Pre-Sales!
Prague, Czech Republic, January 10th, 2011 – Keen Software House starts with Miner Wars MMO pre-sales for 19.99 USD in a unique new approach: MMO for one-time purchase with no monthly subscription fees.

Miner Wars MMO is a massive multi-player online version of the single-player (and cooperative multiplayer) Miner Wars 2081. Encounter thousands of players online!

We have decided to start with the pre-sales to see how big the interest of the players in the MMO version is. For this reason, pre-sales are given for only 19.99 USD with no other monthly subscription fees. This means that you pay 19.99 USD, thus support the developers and once the MMO comes out (Q4 2012), you can play the game for at least 2 years (guaranteed) without any subscription fees.

Some of our goals and reasons with pre-selling the MMO:
- To determine peoples’ interest in the MMO compared to single/co-op. We may start focusing on the MMO development sooner, so fans will also receive MMO pre-alpha sooner.
- To support the developers (funds would enable us to hire a larger team, make the game earlier and better).
- To shape how the MMO will look like (not all design details are set in stone) with the help and feedback from our community of gamers.
- To generate more interest from our investors to invest additional money in to the MMO.
- And to let you save some money with the pre-sale discount price!

Single-player/standard multi-player (Miner Wars 2081) is currently in pre-alpha stage and available for free download: http://www.minerwars.com/Downloads ;

Scheduled release for Miner Wars MMO:
Q4 2012 (Beta)

More info about Miner Wars MMO will be revealed soon, meanwhile you can browse the Miner Wars Encyclopedia (http://wiki.minerwars.com) to see what the factions and other parts of the Miner Wars game universe are. Most of the background is shared by both MW 2081 and MW MMO.

Access to the pre-alpha of MMO will be “most likely” given to our loyal customers earlier, in Q2-Q3/2012.

How does the MMO purchase model work?
You buy the MMO once (as a product), like an ordinary game. There are no subscription fees and you receive all fixes and updates/bugfixes for free. We guarantee at least 2 years for the game to be hosted on our servers (2 years from the initial release of the MMO). In case there comes a sequel (ie. Miner Wars MMO 2), we guarantee MMO 1 to be hosted on our server for at least 1 year (from the release of MMO 2), but still at least 2 years from the initial release of MMO 1. However, these are "minimum" support times, the game will most likely be supported even longer!

Owing to the "massive" amount of work that goes into an MMO, this expansion is to be released about 6 months after the Miner Wars 2081 release. The MMO will feature the kind of complexity, freedom and scale one should expect from a traditional massive multi-player online game.

You can pre-order Miner Wars MMO at our official website store:



Miner Wars is a 6DOF interior and space shooter played in a fully destructible environment.
Miner Wars 2081 features single player, co-op, and standard multi-player modes.
Miner Wars MMO is a massive multiplayer online game situated in the same game universe.

As a player, you operate an advanced mining ship in an open world asteroid belt area. You dig kilometers of tunnels, harvest the ore, travel the solar system, fight your enemies and discover mysterious alien secrets. Game-play is led by an epic story and is a combination of a single/multi-player game, cooperative, or you against everyone.

The story will introduce you to many types of missions: rescue, exploration, revenge, base defense, theft, transportation, stealth, search and destroy, pure harvesting, racing or just flying around and destroying everything you see.

World release:
Miner Wars 2081 - Q2 2012
Miner Wars MMO – Q4 2012

Platform: Windows

Keen Software House a. s is an independent software development and publishing company focused on creating innovative video games. We are passionate gamers who love developing games and we want to make games that people like to play.
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