Battle Worlds: Kronos: Beta Status Successfully Reached
Bremen 18/9/2013. King Art, a veteran developer of computer games, has announced today that Battle Worlds: Kronos has reached beta status. The company has made the closed beta version of its upcoming turn-based strategy game available to backers of their successful campaign. This version contains the first three missions of the singleplayer campaign and three multiplayer maps. As many as 20 of the 40 planned buildings and vehicles are already playable. Development of the game is going ahead as planned; the end of year release that King Art promised in their Kickstarter of April 2013 still stands.

Battle Worlds: Kronos is a classic turn-based strategy game inspired by games like Battle Isle, Advance Wars, Panzer General and many others. Players control their units turn-based and battle AI and human (PVP) opponents. The game is to be released for PC, Mac and Linux.

Players who would like to participate in the closed beta can pre-order the game right now at and will gain beta access immediately after placing an order.

„Development’s going great and we’ll make true on our promise to release the game before the end of 2013. The game is coming along nicely and has immensely profited from the detailed and enthusiastic feedback of our community“ commented Jan Theysen, CEO of King Art Games.

About King Art Games
King Art is an award-winning game developer, based in Bremen; Germany. The studio has completed around 40 game projects during the last 12 years, from boxed full-price games to indie to browser games.