SmashMuck Champions Launches Open Beta at PAX Prime
Company: Kiz Studios
ATLANTA, GA (August 29, 2012) – Kiz Studios announced today it is launching SmashMuck Champions into Open Beta on September 1st. The game will be available for both the Mac and PC systems. View some of the action for the Open Beta trailer here.
Battles are breaking out all over the globe, so queue up and get ready for some bone-crushing combat, or grab a friend as you fight to survive against a fleet of bots and bosses in our latest co-op game mode, Gauntlet.

To kick off Open Beta we’ll be at this year’s PAX Prime, designing champs, playing games and giving away free swag all weekend long. Don’t miss our panel and drop by the PC-LAN area during play times to meet the Champions behind SmashMuck.
Get into Smashing Shape on September 1st by signing up for an account at!

Not enough Mucky mayhem for you? Then check out Critter Escape, the latest mobile game from Kiz Studios, now available on iTunes and Amazon app stores.

About SmashMuck Champions
SmashMuck Champions is an online, arena combat game that combines action, skill and strategy while offering customizable champions, weapons, teams and combat experiences.

SmashMuck Champions features:
- Free to Play online multiplayer
- Available on PC and Mac
- 19 customizable champions each with unique skills, weapons and attacks
- Fast paced combat
- Up to 10 players per game
- 6 interactive arenas
- 5 Unique gametypes
- Over 600 customizable in-game items
- Worldwide leagues and rankings

About Kiz Studios
Kiz Studios is an independent gaming and entertainment studio with offices in Atlanta and Charleston, S.C. Founded in 2007, Kiz Studios develops innovative games and digital media content for a global audience. Everything takes place in the universe of Planet Muck™ (, a faraway world filled with amazing heroes, nasty muck monsters and adventures that are one of a kind. To learn more about our company, please visit
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