Indie Developer Kiz Studios Hits PAX Prime with Arena Combat Game Smashmuck Champions
Company: Kiz Studios
ATLANTA, GA (AUG 27, 2013) -- Kiz Studios, an independent developer of mobile and PC games, will showcase their upcoming action-packed arena combat game, SmashMuck Champions, at PAX Prime, August 30 – September 2 in Seattle. The game will have a significant presence at the annual show, both on the floor for open play and live tournaments as well as at an exciting development team panel Saturday night that will turn PAX-Goers into crowd-sourced game developers.

SmashMuck Champions on the Floor (Booth 6003, 6th Floor)
SmashMuck Champions will be featured in the Kiz Studios booth during convention hours with live competition available for all attendees across twelve PCs. Fans and newcomers will discover for themselves the incredibly twisted characters, intense battles and addicting game modes that have made SmashMuck Champions the most unique and accessible Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)-style game in the world.

Attendees will be able to play for fun or join one of the Developer Challenges, playing against the game’s creators for a chance to win prizes, including “Smash Packs” and account upgrades. In addition, Kiz staff at the booth will be handing out exclusive swag, including foam swords and limited edition collectible pins.

“Design a Champ! Do Our Jobs!” Panel (Saturday, 6:00 pm, Kraken Theater at the Hyatt)
Kiz will also host an interactive panel wherein PAX-Goers will have the opportunity to become crowd-sourced game designers for the evening, collectively designing the next playable “Champion” to be added to SmashMuck Champions.

Attendees will shout out and defend their ideas to help determine the new character’s role, skills, design, and unique attributes while designers and artists bring the character to life on-site with concept art. The character will then be fully developed and added to the game in the coming months.

This is the third time Kiz Studios has offered PAX attendees the opportunity to design a character. Previous panels have produced:
· “Dr. Jennifer/Mr. Bite” (PAX PRIME 2012), a beautiful fish-doctor who can transform into a robotic shark to create a dangerous combination package of support and offense.
· “Platimus the Platicorn” (PAX EAST 2013), a sociopathic platypus-unicorn who provides deadly melee support while throwing his babies at players. Platimus’ eggs create zones of power that protect allies while his hatched puggles transform into super-buffs that can be thrown onto allies and enemies for wildly varying effects. Indeed, he throws his babies.

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SmashMuck Champions is an online arena combat game that combines action, skill and strategy to create fast-paced and twisted MOBA-style mayhem. In the game, players build and manage their own SmashMuck teams, customizing and training their fighters before sending them into battle. Combat is frenetic but easy-to-learn, with tons of unique skills, weapons and attacks for players to master.

SmashMuck Champions features five game modes, eight arenas, more than 20 unique and powerful champions, and 600+ customizable items. SmashMuck Champions is truly free-to-play, offering players the opportunity to unlock all content through the crafting system. Fans can jump into the action through the game’s beta on both PC and MAC via the web site at

Founded in 2007, Kiz Studios is an independent video game and entertainment studio with offices in Atlanta, GA and Charleston, SC. With titles like SmashMuck Champions and the mobile hit Critter Escape!, Kiz Studios bends genres and blurs the lines between casual and hardcore, making accessible games for a global audience. Committed to open development, Kiz allows players to experience the design process from the inside out, with fans helping to create the products they want to play. For more information please visit