Koch Media Gets all Banzai With Legend of Kay
Company: Koch Media
Koch Media would like to announce an important acquisition to their overall Marketing and PR strategy for Legend of Kay, available on PlayStation 2 from March 11th, priced at £29.99. Koch Media are to use the vocal talents of Bert Kwouk for their cinema and TV advertisement of Legend of Kay. Bert Kwouk is best known as the narrator of the highly popular channel 4 TV series Banzai. He is also the actor universally known as Cato Fong, Peter Sellers side kick, in the Pink Panther Movies. This advertisement will be broadcasted on kids action channels Jetix , toonami and Cartoon Network.

Jon Bailey Koch Media Marketing Manager, said:

We are really excited about this game, and having Bert Kwouk adding his vocal talents to the advertisement will give an extra edge. Kay may look like a cute and cuddy pussy cat, but looks are deceiving. This advertisement will show off some of the amazing set pieces in the game wrapped up in a classic Kung Fu movie style trailer.

Legend of Kay has in place a comprehensive and intensive marketing and PR campaign. Advertisements have been appearing in all the specialist press and the PR is gradually swelling to a crescendo prior to release.

David Blundell Koch Media PR Manager, Said:

We are having tremendous success with the PR on Legend of Kay. We have coverage in place in all of the top youth magazines; Toxic, Cartoon Network and Rampage, with the music press; Kerrang, Heavy Metal Magazine and Rocksound, and with local regional radio and newspapers. It would also seem that the specialist press have taken this kung fu fighting oriental pussy cat to heart; "More prized Persian then scabby moggy, Legend of Kay is one of the best platformers we've played in ages. (Future Publishing's Gamesmaster)

Legend of Kay is a classic action/adventure platform game, mixed with role play elements and an advanced close combat fighting system. As the young cat embarks on his quest to save his village, he improves his fighting skills, acquires awesome new weapons and discovers incredible special powers and amazing secrets. Legend of Kay recreates the style, look and feel of classic martial arts movies, combined with game play and story appealing to players, both young and old.

Challenging martial arts fights with over 50 fighting moves and over 20 unique action moves

30 different enemies with outstanding animation and a multitude of movements and weapons

Lush and highly detailed worlds: woods, swamps, caves, mountain tops, coastlines – all creating a living and breathing world

Numerous huge bosses: Outstanding special effects and a huge presentation make every single boss fight an unforgettable experience

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