Dynasty Warriors®5 Available at North American Retailers
Company: Koei
Burlingame, CA – April 1, 2005 - KOEI, recognized worldwide as a leading brand of strategy and action games, today announced that the much-anticipated action game DYNASTY WARRIORS 5 for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system has shipped to North American retailers and is in stores now. The game already made its Japanese debut last month and continues to dominate the charts as the top-selling video game in Japan.

“The fog has cleared and Dynasty Warriors 5 has made it onto North American retail shelves in astonishing fashion. The game’s breathtakingly sharp visuals and dynamic battle scenes bring to life a gripping collection of heroic tales,” said Amos Ip, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing at KOEI Corporation. “Fans of Hong Kong-style martial arts films won’t want to miss the game’s opening sequence and non-stop fighting action. Boasting more than 80 hours of gameplay, Dynasty Warriors 5 is a monumental experience action fans won’t soon forget.”

Also available is Prima’s official game guide for DYNASTY WARRIORS 5. The book includes winning strategies for all of the game’s battles, unlocks for characters and 4th weapons, hints, and much more.

About Dynasty Warriors 5
DYNASTY WARRIORS 5 takes players back in time to an ancient land governed by chaos where the mightiest warriors in history must fight for control of the Chinese empire. The game’s key features include:

The largest Dynasty Warriors cast ever assembled. Six new Dynasty Warriors in all for a total roster of 48 playable characters, each with their own storyline and in-game events.
A completely revamped weapons system with a supreme arsenal of devastating weapons and new attacks. New Musou Rage, character-specific jump attacks, and blazing 9-hit Evolution Combos open the possibility for the previously unattainable 9,999 K.O.s!
Twice as many characters per screen than Dynasty Warriors 4 to create the most satisfying Musou attacks ever.
New more intelligent bodyguard officers designed to help players face the greatest Tactical Action challenges to date.
An enhanced battlefield base system that challenges players’ strategic decision-making in the midst of combat.
38 completely redesigned maps, each 30% larger and with environments that have their own look and feel.
A vastly improved graphics engine that reduces fog, delivers rich detail in the characters and environments, and eliminates any drop in frame rate.
New Chaos difficulty level!
Endowed with a spectacular arsenal of new weapons and attacks to master, massive landscapes to conquer, and much more, players will experience the greatest Dynasty Warriors adventure of all time.

Developed by KOEI’s award-winning internal team Omega Force, DYNASTY WARRIORS 5 is a 1-2 Player game exclusive to the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. DYNASTY WARRIORS 5 is rated "T" (Teen- Use of Alcohol, Violence) by the ESRB.

About KOEI Corporation
KOEI Corporation, the North American subsidiary of KOEI Co., Ltd. of Japan, established operations in 1988. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the company is now in its seventeenth year and is recognized as a leader in the highly competitive video game industry.

KOEI is respected worldwide as the premier brand for Strategy and Simulation games, and is recognized as the innovator of the Tactical Action genre. The company's Dynasty Warriors® series has generated more than 7 million units in sales worldwide, since releasing for the PlayStation game console in 1997.

KOEI maintains operations in Japan, the U.S., the U.K., Canada, China, Korea and Taiwan. KOEI employs over six hundred people worldwide, with sales exceeding $250 million. The company constantly seeks the fine balance between entertainment, technology, art and education, and provides games that will mesmerize gamers across the globe. More information about KOEI and its products can be found on the company's websites, located at www.koei.com, www.koei.co.uk, and www.koei.co.jp.

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