Koei Announces Partnership With GamersGate for Instant Downloads
Company: Koei
Hertfordshire, UK- May 21st, 2009 – Koei Ltd proudly announces that it is to team up with leading digital distribution company GamersGate to supply fans across Europe with the Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 11 exclusively on PC. The latest installment of the much loved tactical strategy saga will be instantly accessible courtesy of GamersGate as of May 22nd 2009, priced at €24.99.

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 11 is the second game in the series to be released in the UK, and encourages players to relive the most famous period in Chinese history through a blend of deep strategy, resource management, and political maneuvering.

‘Partnering with a well established digital distributor such as GamersGate is another step forwards for Koei in Europe’, said Will Curley, Vice President Sales & Marketing KOEI Ltd, ‘GamersGate offers fans of the series a chance to access and enjoy Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 11 like never before.’

“Koei is a fantastic publisher that we’ve wanted to work for a long time and we’re thrilled to be able to offer Romance of the Three Kingdoms 11 to gamers,” said Theodore Bergquist, CEO of GamersGate. “We're always looking for publishing partners of the highest quality and Koei is a perfect example."

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms is available www.gamersgate.co.uk for £19.99, and via www.gamersgate.com for €24.99.

About Koei Ltd.
KOEI Ltd. is a subsidiary of Japanese company KOEI Co., Ltd. and has had offices in Hertfordshire, UK since 2003. KOEI maintains operations in Japan, the US, UK, Canada, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Lithuania. KOEI employs over 900 people worldwide with sales exceeding $290 million. The company constantly seeks to achieve a fine balance between entertainment, technology, art and education and provides games that will mesmerize gamers globally. The Warriors series of games have generated a combined 18 million units in global sales.

About GamersGate
GamersGate is a leading digital distribution platform creating easily accessible gaming experiences for gamers worldwide – anytime, anywhere. Viewed as a strong contender in the digital download arena, GamersGate continues to redefine the download industry and future strategies including the launch of several accompanying services and comprehensive tools, in addition to an aggressively growing product portfolio from a wide range of internationally recognized publishers. http://www.gamersgate.com.
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