Konami Ships Death Jr. To Retail Stores Nationwide
Company: Konami
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - August 16, 2005 - Konami Digital Entertainment - America, a division of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today shipped Death Jr.(tm) for the PSP(tm) (PlayStation®Portable) system. The newest PSP (PlayStation Portable) title from Konami, Death Jr. is an action platforming game that seamlessly blends elements from a first-person shooter with the exploration of a third-person platformer and serves up a large dose of intense gameplay and weapon heavy combat. The game employs a unique particle-effect system and a sophisticated 3D engine. All these features combine to provide beautifully rendered characters and environments that have never been experienced on a handheld gaming system and establish Death Jr. as a must-have title for the PSP system.

"Death Jr. offers an exciting original experience with fresh new characters that will appeal to a wide range of gamers," said Dennis Lee, Group Manager at Konami Digital Entertainment - America. "With some of the highest quality graphics for a handheld device, this title should be an immediate favorite."

Developed by Backbone Entertainment, the game stars Death Jr. (DJ), the teenage son of the Grim Reaper. DJ is armed with a mighty scythe - a family heirloom that serves as both a weapon and a unique platforming tool - along with an arsenal of guns and explosives. He is joined by a "charming" group of friends who play a key role in the storyline. His entourage includes Pandora, an obsessive compulsive goth girl who can't put her hands on anything without trying to open it; Smith and Weston, a pair of brainiac twins conjoined at the head; Stigmartha, a girl who bleeds from her hands whenever she gets nervous; and the Seep, an armless, legless, foul-mouthed foreign exchange student in a vat.

All is well on the group's field trip to the Museum of Supernatural History until Pandora insists on opening a box the group discovers. The ancient demon Moloch, along with his truly terrifying group of minions, emerges from the box to reap havoc. DJ must overcome near insurmountable odds to save his friends and the world. Plus, if anyone finds out DJ had anything to do with getting into this mess, he's going to be in serious trouble with his dad.

DJ is aided by a wide variety of weapons to help vanquish the demons. When DJ's scythe melee weapon won't do the trick, he can make use of an arsenal of other items including dual pistols, a lightning gun, a flamethrower and exploding C4 hamsters. Additionally, players can employ DJ's extensive move set, including multiple scythe combos, special gun attacks and aerial moves. With help from his friends - especially Pandora - DJ can unleash special combos to lay waste to large groups of foes.

Death Jr. is also on its way to becoming a cross-media phenomenon. In addition to being one of the most highly-anticipated titles for the PSP system, Death Jr. has a comic book published by Image Comics(tm), a toy and collectibles line by Gentle Giant(tm) and a movie currently in production.

Death Jr. is available exclusively for the PSP system for an SRP of $39.99 and is rated "T" for Teen by the ESRB. For more information on the game, please visit: http://www.konami.com/deathjr.

Konami Corporation is a leading developer, publisher and manufacturer of electronic entertainment properties, specializing in the home video game market. Konami Corporation's action and adventure titles include the popular franchises Metal Gear Solid®, Silent Hill® and Castlevania®, among other top sellers. The latest information about Konami can be found on the Web at www.konami.com. Konami Corporation is a publicly traded company based in Tokyo, Japan with subsidiary offices, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. in the US and Konami of Europe in Frankfurt, Germany. Konami Corporation, the parent company of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. is traded in the United States on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol KNM. Details of the products published by Konami Digital Entertainment - America can be found at www.konami.com/gs.


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