The Curse of Darkness Is Cast
Company: Konami
Konami of Europe has announced that its forthcoming Castlevania®: Curse of DarknessTM for PlayStation®2 and the Xbox® will be released in Q1, 2006.

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness moves away from the series' struggle between Dracula and the heroic Belmont clan. Instead, Curse of Darkness introduces players to an all-new storyline and main character, with the game centering on Hector, a Devil Forgemaster, and former Lieutenant of Dracula. Overseen by series creator and award winning producer Koji Igarashi, this action-packed tale of betrayal and revenge takes players on a journey through an expansive world filled with formidable foes and beautifully rendered environments and eventually into the ruins of Dracula's castle.

Disillusioned with the ideals of his mentor, Hector fled Vallachia to pursue a more normal life, leaving Dracula vulnerable to the Belmonts. Now, three years after Dracula was defeated in battle, the magic power of the curse released upon his death has infected all of Europe. Fueled by revenge for the death of his girlfriend, Hector must battle his way back to the ruins of Dracula's castle, and uncover an intricate web of deception, unaware of the sinister plan that has been orchestrated to lure him home.

Armed with the unique new abilities of Devil Forgery, gamers will be able to call upon trusty allies - 'Innocent Devils' - who will help defeat a variety of powerful enemies. More than 30 evolving allies will develop unique abilities ranging from those that can open heavy doors, to those that can help Hector fly. They will also aid players in conquering various enemies, avoiding perilous traps and solving challenging puzzles. Curse of Darkness will also features stronger RPG and adventure game elements than its predecessors. As players progress through the game and gain experience points, their character's strength will increase, reminiscent of the gameplay found in the critically acclaimed Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Gamers will also enjoy a wide range of powerful weaponry that allows them to perform unparalleled combo attacks on the deadliest of enemies. As players progress in the game they will uncover an immersive storyline and explore beautifully rendered and expansive environments. Curse of Darkness also features an increased number of unlockable features that are sure to draw players deeper into the Castlevania universe.

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness also continues the series' fine reputation for astounding use of music. Curse of Darkness benefits from an entirely new musical soundtrack scored by Michiru Yamane, and will also mark the first time the series has used a vocal performance in its music. Renowned tenor, Russell Watson, will sing the game's end theme 'True to Your Dreams', providing a suitable high point to the climactic events of the game and adding a new element to the extraordinary soundtrack.

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Castlevania: Curse of Darkness will be released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox in Q1, 2006
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