Konami Details the Silent Hill Experience for PSP
Company: Konami
Konami of Europe has announced an innovative new PSPTM (PlayStation® Portable) title that celebrates the heritage of the publisher's Silent Hill series and also offers an insight into the horrors that lurk in the forthcoming Silent Hill movie. Entitled The Silent Hill Experience (working title), a release date will be confirmed shortly.

Designed to offer a comprehensive guide to all things Silent Hill, The Silent Hill Experience combines a number of media formats to give a compelling overview of the horror series. Using an intuitive 3D interface, users can view all-new Silent Hill digital interactive comics, listen to music from the four games in the series, and watch exclusive video content. The Silent Hill Experience also features an interview with Christophe Gans, the Director of the highly aniticipated Silent Hill movie, starring Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean.

The new interactive comic book section contains a new story penned by longtime Silent Hill author, Scott Ciencin and illustrated by Steve Perkins and Alex Shibao. Using elements from the new movie and delving into the shady origins of Silent Hill, the comic has been designed specifically with the PSPTM in mind. As such, readers will be treated to animated panels and interactive transitions, while the UMD will also contain the acclaimed 'Dying Inside' comic book series, again adapted for the format.

Fans of the series' haunting music will also enjoy a selection of songs from the series. 20 tracks from the four titles have been specially selected for The Silent Hill Experience by Music Director and Composer, Akira Yamaoka, offering a broad cross-section of his haunting works. The UMD will also include an interview with Yamaoka, wherein he explains his choice of tracks for the package.

The Silent Hill Experience also goes behind the scenes of the Silent Hill movie, and speaks with Director Christophe Gans. Gans details how he adapted the story for the big screen, while there is also a featurette on the movie's production and a trailer. The package is then rounded off with the intro movies of all four games in a tribute to the eerie central setting.

"Konami has created an entirely new genre for the PSP system, combining a variety of media onto one package and showcasing the renowned Silent Hill franchise in a way that has never been done before," offered Hans-Joachim Amann, Head of European Product Management of Konami of Europe. "Fans of the Silent Hill series and horror fans alike will appreciate all the exclusive content as well as get a unique behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Silent Hill movie."
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