KrabbitSoft announces KrabbitWorld Origins now available on Direct2Drive!
Company: KrabbitSoft
November 16th, 2009

Action, Adventure, RPG and Indie, KWO hits D2D for Mac OSX & Windows

What can a team of two accomplish?

“A lot, apparently, with Krabbits on your side. Indie developer Krabbitsoft has done what some thought was impossible, developing and releasing an exciting, graphics-laden Action/RPG based on their own IP,” as posted on Davis LLP blog.

Action Heavy / RPG LITE
Furious hack n' slash combines with customizable Krabbits and choice to play in Story Mode or Battle Modes including Arcade, Versus, Team and Survival.
Six playable Krabbits can be leveled up to 99 in sandbox or linear gameplay style. No grind and loot aplenty, characters level quickly in Story Mode, gaining XP with every action. Building your Krabbit doesn’t stop at level 99. Continue building powers to 999. Character building includes gaining XP, building stats, and changing appearance any time. 3D drag n’ drop inventory and paper doll windows are featured along with account share bins, colour cloning bins, dye vendor, click map to travel and Ruby Slippers of ‘return to Adobe’.
KrabbitWorld Origins is a creative game focused on colour. Players are encouraged to experiment with dying their Krabbits to their heart’s content. Choose from 8 Realms of Origin colour palettes to design a Krabbit influenced by Darkness or Light, Death or Dreams, Solar or Contrivance, Beast or Archetypical KrabbitWorld.
Transfer your Krabbits from an earlier version to a newer version or from laptop to desktop PC. Re-install a new version over an older one and still retain your already leveled Krabbits.
Additional Features:
Hire any of 5 henchmen to assist you clearing the lands of the Necrotechs
Build your stats as you gain XP and enhance them with acquired items
Hone your combo hud skills to maximize damage
Use dash attacks & combat magic jump & multishoot for aerial combat
Change game mode at any time by visiting the in-game bulletin board
*Internet connection required to play for authentication purposes (may still play in single player mode)

New Features This Week:
Brutal Moves
Built-in Patcher
Elemental Bracers & Weapons Packs

Links to KrabbitWorld Origins on Direct2Drive: http://www.krabbitonline/node/83
(D2D makes it easy to give as a gift)

About KrabbitSoft Studios: 
KrabbitSoft is an independent game developer located in Surrey, BC, Canada. The company is committed to creating this unique, growing, Action/RPG/Fighter, featuring their own IP, the Krabbits, while expanding into other platforms and projects. KrabbitSoft prides itself on its character and camera controls designed especially for the seasoned gamer. As a team of two, the studio is happy to arrive at this juncture.
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*PDF manual included
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