3D Indie Action Adventure Lifeless Planet Unveils Story Behind the Much–Anticipated Kickstarter–Funded Game in New Cinematic Trailer
Company: Lace Games
BRIGHTON/ALASKA - June 18, 2013 — Stage 2 Studios, LLC and publisher Lace Mamba are excited to announce a new cinematic trailer for the upcoming PC/Mac 3D third–person sci-fi action adventure Lifeless Planet. Released today, this new trailer introduces the game's intriguing story and features a powerful orchestral score by composer Rich Douglas.

In Lifeless Planet, gamers will assume the role of an astronaut on a mission to a new world rich with life. But after a rough landing, the promise of a new Earth soon fades with the discovery that the planet he was to explore is now barren and inhospitable. Alone in this wasteland, his fellow astronauts missing and his oxygen tank leaking, the astronaut's situation turns desperate. He begins to explore the planet for his missing crew members, only to discover a deeper mystery—evidence of prior human habitation. When he comes across an abandoned Soviet-era Russian town, he begins to question his mission. Is he a pawn in a cold-war propaganda stunt? Or did he travel so fast that he has time-travelled to another era?

The game combines a unique sci-fi story with gameplay elements from adventures and 3D open world action games. Lifeless Planet features low-gravity platforming and jet-packing challenges combined with interesting and unusual puzzles. Seeking answers to the mystery of the Soviet presence, players will explore the distant planet, carefully navigating hazardous terrain in a space suit, making use of low gravity to jump across giant abysses and traverse mountainous regions. Tools like a robot arm will help players interact with strange objects they encounter along their journey.

Key to the mystery of Lifeless Planet is an elusive Russian woman, Aelita, who is somehow able to survive in the inhospitable world. For unknown reasons, Aelita’s skin interacts with the soil under her feet, causing it to glow bright green. These strange footprints help guide the player across the vast alien planet as they try to survive and uncover the purpose behind Soviet-built structures scattered across the world.

“The game story was inspired by old sci-fi stories I enjoyed as a kid,” said David Board, the game’s sole developer. “During the cold war, science fiction was strongly influenced by events of the day. With Lifeless Planet I’m trying to evoke the contradictory feelings of hope and fear that came with the scientific advances of the space race.”

The new trailer also hints at the motivations of the main character, an astronaut who has signed up for a one-way mission to an Earth-like planet, light years from home.

“There’s something interesting about the psychology of someone leaving Earth along with everything and everyone he’s ever loved in the hopes of exploring a planet very much like Earth,” says Board. “I think there’s a certain irony in humanity’s dream of visiting Earth-like planets.”

Lifeless Planet began as a pure indie development by David Board, funded by an overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign and was recognized as a 2012 Lunarcade selection. Lace Mamba Global signed the worldwide digital and publishing rights for this exciting project in early 2012. Lifeless Planet is scheduled to be released digitally and in retail stores on PC and Mac in Q3 2013.

The new trailer is online now at the game’s official website: www.LifelessPlanet.com. To catch up with the developer follow on twitter @LifelessPlanet and like on Facebook - FB.com/LifelessPlanet

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About Stage 2 Studios
David Board is a partner at Stage 2 Studios which specializes in creating innovative media that inspires audiences and ignites growth. David is an experienced interactive designer and is passionate about finding unique ways to combine truly entertaining media with content that educates and inspires. Stage 2 is based near Anchorage, Alaska and has recently expanded to Denver, Colorado. The firm has earned a reputation for producing exciting and powerful video and interactive media for nonprofit and educational clients. Lifeless Planet is the first full video game title by the independent studio. www.stage2studios.com
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