Lace Mamba Global confirm gold status for Making History II
London: Brighton, UK - The long awaited PC title Making History II: The War of the World has reached gold status confirming its UK release on the 18th June 2010.

Following the success of the first Making History game- Lace Mamba Global are confident that the second in the series will have a big impact within the strategy gaming genre.

Developed in partnership with world renowned economic historian Niall Ferguson, Making History II: The War of the World marks dramatic step forward in the Making History series. It gives World War II grand strategy gamers the opportunity to lead a nation and remake history with over 80 playable nations and over 800 regions. Each nation is given detailed characteristics built on extensive historical research, including economic and military strengths, diplomatic relations, ideology, and technical advancement.

In addition to the single player mode the game boasts a comprehensive multiplayer mode inspired by the rise of social networking. The developer, Muzzy Lane, have built-in communication tools, allowing players to set up their own personal user pages, create friends lists and message other gamers directly. Multiplayer games can be initiated and hosted via Making History Headquarters allowing players to find other war gamers to challenge with greater ease. Gamers can play with up to eight others in multiplayer mode, using in-game chat to devise joint strategies and secret pacts - Will you be a trusted ally or a backstabbing tyrant?!

Lace Mamba Global are due to release the game as a special edition pack on 18th June 2010, which will include a special bonus world map for players to track their chosen nation's victories and a free documentary DVD "A Concise History of WWII".

Other features include:
Six scenarios let you start at a crucial historic moment, focus on a specific event, or play the whole war. Scenarios cover the fall of France, Pearl Harbor, the D-Day invasion of Europe, the Sudeten crisis and more, and each is based on detailed research. You can work to succeed where others failed, or take a different path and see what happens.
Populations are divided by culture, ethnicity, religion and political ideology; factors that destabilize nations, provoking revolts, coups and civil wars.
Intelligent AI instigates, reacts and adapts to the changing game dynamics generating action on the home front and abroad.
Each nation has a unique set of characteristics that influences behaviour.
Manage your colonies, liberate new nations, establish puppet states or annex their territory.
Engage in espionage and interfere in the internal affairs of your neighbours.

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