Destinies Game Goes Live!
Lanthra Productions & Team Destinies is proud to announce that, the official website for their upcoming sci-fi/fantasy adventure game Destinies, has gone live. The Destinies site offers a sneak peek into the strange and beautiful world of Destinies, with screenshots, music downloads, a special "about the team" section and a dedicated forum.

Exclusively for PC/CD-ROM, the Destinies game is anticipated for release in the early summer of 2006.

Seek the truth - Find your Destiny!

"Destinies" is a place...far away from all that you know, yet as near as your own heartbeat. It is a pathway to an adventure across space and time. Your journey begins on a planet, set at the edge of a distant galaxy. Anthranella, paradise of our universe. Perhaps...or is it something very different?

Meet Marc Taszicky, a 37 years old physics professor, leading a quiet solitary existence, until his life is shattered by the strange death of a former colleague and close friend Peter. His friend recently returned from an unexplained visit into uncharted space. Why he went there and what he found is a mystery, as he arrives home clinging to life, raving and delirious. Peter's dying words provide only one clue, a planet shrouded in mystery – Anthranella IX. What caused his friend to leave earth so secretively, what did he discover and most importantly, why did he die? Marc travels across the galaxy on a quest for these answers, but he may find much more. He may discover his destiny...

"Destinies" awaits!

Explore Anthranella IX, and its many exotic places. Join Marc on this epic quest for the truth and what lies just beyond. The story twists until the last moment; but at the end, you will know this world, its people, the fate of Peter and more importantly – a little more about yourself. What makes us human? Do we have limits? Can we travel as far as our dreams? The answers await in Destinies.

The key features:

Original story

More than dozen Interactive characters

Original soundtrack by Jan Kavan.

Mouse driven interface

2D pre-rendered detailed environments

Fully modeled 3D characters

Plot logical integrated puzzles/challenges

Explore 18+ locations

Play 25 + hours of gameplay

Wintermute Engine powers the game

Lanthra Productions & Team Destinies

"Destinies" has been brought to life by a talented and experienced team, brought together by the founding partners of Lanthra Productions. They also bring a true love of adventure games to creating this world for your discovery. Their enthusiasm and dedication to craft creates an original and unique story that will capture your imagination and keep you in suspense until the very last moment.
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