Larian Releases Award-Winning Monkey Tales Games on Steam
You probably didn't know this, but Larian Studios, makers of the recent smash success Divinity: Original Sin, made an award-winning series of educational games called Monkey Tales and they're now available on Steam, just in time for back to school.

The Monkey Tales games are designed for kids 7-11 and utilize four years of close collaboration with teachers, schools, and universities along with Larian's award-winning game design skills. Kids save the day not with swords, but with the power of their ever-improving math skills.

Utilizing a learning algorithm, Monkey Tales finds each child's place on the learning curve, and then tailors their experience to improve their problem-solving performance. Everyone gets a goal- (and fun!) oriented math adventure tailored to his or her skills.

Each game is adapted for the child's grade level and complies with US Common Core Standards for that grade level.

Monkey Tales Features

Dynamic Difficulty: Each game adjusts for difficulty as the child plays, ensuring an experience that is never too difficult or too easy.

Proven Methods: All game mechanics used in the series are based on proven educational methods as well as four years of research and development involving teachers, schools, and universities.

No Need to Correct Your Child: Monkey Tales handles all scoring and guidance on the exercises.

One Purchase, Four Years of Content: Five games, one price. The package contains five adventures for each age group, from ages 7 to 11.

Monkey Tales is now available on Steam for PC and Mac for the price of $14.99 here:
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