OMG Zombies gets Steam release date
BRAINTREE, UK – 07/02/2014

Laughing Jackal have announced that OMG Zombies - a port of their monstrously popular PS Vita puzzle-shooter, OMG HD Zombies – is lurching inexorably towards its Steam release date of Thursday 13th February, priced at $4.99.

OMG Zombies is the hugely addictive ‘kind-of-sequel’ to the critically acclaimed OMG-Z, ranked in Metacritic’s top 10 PSP games of all time and their #1 PSP Action game.

A hugely addictive chain-reaction shooter with a stylish monochrome art style, in OMG Zombies you must use a few well-placed bullets to destroy huge zombie hordes.

This level of destruction is possible due to the accidental release of a virus derived from parasitic fungi which causes its zombified victims to EXPLODE when attacked. If any infected matter lands on another zombie then they explode too, causing a chain-reaction of gore!

OMG Zombies’ puzzling gameplay requires you to observe shambling hordes of undead, picking the best moment and position to take your shot, unleashing maximum destruction. As an elite Riot Cop you must carve a path through the outbreak and reach the military base from which it began. Your path through the city will diverge depending on how skilfully you clear each level.

Now Steam users finally have their chance to paint the town red!

OMG Zombies features:

1000s of zombies! – Each of our 8 zombie classes destroys its fellow walkers in a unique way, from random gunfire to electric shocks!

100 levels! – From Redfield City centre to the rural outskirts and a secret military base. Unlock diverging levels depending on your performance.

100 Upgrades –Unlock medals to increase your ammo, power up explosive barrels or increase the death effects of zombie classes.

Show off your Skills – 12 varied trophies to unlock, drawing on all your zombie-slaying skills.

Prestige Mode – Complete the game to 100% “Platinum” standard to Prestige Mode and receive a Leaderboard multiplier. “Prestige” up to 20 times for truly HUGE scores!
When released on PlayStation Vita, OMG HD Zombies was a big hit with the gaming press. PushSquare awarded it 8/10, saying:
“If you missed out on this clever take on the zombie apocalypse the first time around, then OMG HD Zombies! is a must buy. The fresh undead types and overhauled visuals will offer something new for seasoned slayers, while the sheer satisfaction of the core gameplay loop will delight newcomers.”
The Sixth Axis also gave it 8/10, stating: “Overall OMG HD Zombies is a great title by Laughing Jackal. The simple aesthetic hides a game that requires you to think before you act, and to conserve your supplies. When a chain is successful it feels great, and those rare occasions where you get 100% clearance are very satisfying.”
Shopto agreed, calling OMG HD Zombies: “...the perfect quick play game for the Vita”

Established in 2005, Laughing Jackal are the developer of PlayStation minis such as Duæl Invaders, Vibes, Ace Armstrong vs. the Alien Scumbags, Stellar Attack , Cubixx, Orbit, the Fighting Fantasy series of gamebooks and the award-winning zombie chain reaction puzzler OMG-Z. Their first PlayStation®3 game, the critically acclaimed Cubixx HD, is out now on the PSN and they have recently released Hungry Giraffe and OMG HD Zombies on PlayStation Vita. Laughing Jackal’s latest project, a Roguelike firefighting game called Flame Over is currently in development for Vita and PlayStation®4.