Legacy Interactive® Announces the Release of Jack Keane for Downloadable PC
LOS ANGELES, CA (February 18, 2010) – Leading casual game developer and publisher Legacy Interactive® announced today the downloadable release of Jack Keane, a 19th century point and click adventure that sprawls across the British Empire. Jack Keane will be available for direct PC download on Legacy Games at http://www.legacygames.com.

Jack Keane is a classic adventure game thatfollows the escapades of a rogue agent in the Queen's secret service. Jack is sent out on a mission to prevent madman, Doctor T., from destroying the world's supply of tea, but what follows is a hilarious misadventure. In the game you travel across the globe and must cope with man-eating plants, warm beer, and an army of bomb-dropping chimpanzees. With an outrageous assortment of characters, clever inventory puzzles, and colorful 3D graphics, adventure game fans will have hours of fun discovering such quirks as all the possible uses for a monkey skeleton and a magnetic fishing rod!

“Jack Keane is the most enjoyable point-and-click adventure I’ve played in a long time. It will appeal to almost every adventure fan, as the puzzles gradually get harder, while the game successfully reproduces the vibrant, humorous and slick atmosphere and antics of beloved classics of this proud genre.” – AceGamez.com

For more information, or to receive a review copy, please send a request to:
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Sophia Davidson

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