Legacy Interactive® to Launch 'Max and the Magic Marker' for PC/Mac
LOS ANGELES, CA (March 29, 2010) – Casual games developer and publisher Legacy Interactive® announced today that they have signed an exclusive North American publishing agreement with The Games Company to distribute Max and the Magic Marker, an award-winning physics platformer that challenges players to draw their way through 15 levels of exciting cartoon chaos.

The PC/Mac game, developed by Play Press and slated to launch in April, 2010, gives players total control as they draw out solutions to overcome challenging obstacles. Limited only by the imagination of the player, every obstacle has an endless number of solutions. Max and the Magic Marker has been widely acclaimed, with its development team winning the Independent Games Festival 2010 D2D Vision Award, EIGA 2009 Innovative Game Design Award, Best Overall 2009 Unity Award, and DGA 2010 Talent of the Year.

“Max earns his place in your memory ...” – Edge

“...the impressive physics and perplexing puzzle situations will keep you coming back.” - Cubed3

“...you'll be won over by the game's undeniably charming visual style.” – IGN

"Legacy Interactive is thrilled to be offering this creative, award-winning game to our customers," said Ariella Lehrer, President and CEO of Legacy Interactive. "Max and the Magic Marker appeals to the same audience as innovative games such as World of Goo and Scribblenauts, and its puzzle platformer style of play translates wonderfully into an interactive gaming experience."

Featuring three lovingly designed game worlds based on children's drawings, tricky puzzles, and innumerable traps and surprises, adults and children of all ages will be immediately drawn into the 2D world of Max and the Magic Marker!

Max and the Magic Marker will be available for PC/Mac at leading retail stores and popular digital distribution portals for $19.95.

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About Press Play
Press Play was founded in 2006 by Mikkel Thorsted, Rune Dittmer, and Ole Teglbjærg with the ambition of making flash games better, and not just re-skinning Pacman. In the first years all games were developed on contract but that changed last year. Supported by EU MediaDesk, Danish Filminstitute and the Nordic Game Program Max & the Magic Marker became Press Play’s first independent production. When it released at Christmas 2009 the game had already won several awards and award nominations. Among them the EIGA award for “innovative game design” and the Unity award for “best overall game”. Headquartered in the very center of Copenhagen, Press Play today employs 11 dedicated game developers working on upcoming titles.

About Legacy Interactive
Legacy Interactive® is a leading developer and publisher of casual games. Entertaining customers since 1998, the company has built a reputation for developing intelligent, realistic, and engaging games for a broad audience. Located in Los Angeles, Legacy has introduced new interactive genres, including its Hollywood Hits™ series of games based on popular TV dramas such as Law & Order, Murder She Wrote, Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds, and House M.D. Legacy is also known for its RealLife Games® medical simulations that include such titles as Pet Pals®, Emergency Room® and Zoo Vet. Legacy's games and simulations are distributed worldwide, online and retail, in more than 15 languages, on its game portal, www.legacygames.com as well as through distribution partners such as Ubisoft, Mindscape, and JoWood.