Legacy Interactive® Announces the Release of Emergency Room: Heroic Measures for Mac/PC
LOS ANGELES, CA (April 23, 2010) – Leading game developer and publisher Legacy Interactive announced today the release of the 4th title in its RealLife® Emergency Room series, Emergency Room: Heroic Measures for Mac/PC.

Emergency Room: Heroic Measures puts you in the heart of the Emergency Room as you care for critically ill patients. Experience what it's like to be a real doctor in the fast-paced field of cardiothoracic medicine. From sudden chest pain and mycardial infarction to a heart-stopping motorcycle crash, your patients' survival depends on you. Ask the right questions and use proper diagnostic tools to uncover critical information as you treat and stabilize each patient that enters the cardiac care unit. With interactive 3D graphics and realistic crisis scenarios, gain practical experience as you take heroic measures to save lives in the emergency room. Emergency Room: Heroic Measures is a heart-stopping, ultra-realistic medical simulation that's sure to raise the pulse rate of gamers and medical personnel alike.

Experience all the intensity of a real as you react to unpredictable medical crises.
Diagnosis and treat over 20 real-life cardiothoracic conditions.
Use over 45 authentic diagnostic tools and medical supplies, including a pulse oximeter, defibrillator, ECG monitor, CT scan, glucose meter, and transcutaneous pacemaker.
Evaluate your patients by asking the right questions and uncovering critical information.
Learn about actual cardiac care procedures and life saving treatments.

Emergency Room: Heroic Measures is available at selected retailers and for direct PC download on Legacy Games at http://www.legacygames.com, and is retailing for $19.99.

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About Legacy Interactive
Legacy Interactive® is a leading developer and publisher of casual games. Entertaining customers since 1998, the company has built a reputation for developing intelligent, realistic, and engaging games for a broad audience. Located in Los Angeles, Legacy has introduced new interactive genres, including its Hollywood Hits™ series of games based on popular TV dramas such as Law & Order, Murder She Wrote, Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds, and House M.D. Legacy is also known for its RealLife GAMES® medical simulations that include such titles as Pet Pals®, Emergency Room® and Zoo Vet. Legacy's games and simulations are distributed worldwide, online and retail, in more than 15 languages, on its game portal, www.legacygames.com as well as through distribution partners such as Ubisoft, Mindscape, and JoWood.