Time Machine: Rogue Pilot
Company: Lesta Studio
(St. Petersburg, Russia) – December, 20, 2010 – Lesta Studio is proud to announce its first PS3 title to be released on December, 22, 2010 in PSN Store in Europe. Release date in USA is to be announced in the nearest future.

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot offers a brand new approach to puzzle games genre taking the best from classic match 3 experience and combining it with the innovative hidden objects gameplay. Dozens of fascinating story mode missions and a special multiplayer mode that can be played with a friend online or on the same screen! Plus the game also offers several bonus modes – all of this coming along with dazzling full HD graphics, ambient background music and rich visual effects.

The plot is built around a Time Machine, built by an old Professor and stolen by evil Jack with a sole purpose of bringing chaos and darkness to the world. However, young Ilona is brave enough to follow Jack in his time-travel adventure and fix the past and save the world from an upcoming catastrophe! But Jack is not acting on his own; he has someone much more powerful behind his back. Try to find out who the real villain is in the new Time Machine: Rogue Pilot!

Key features:
Original mechanics of repainting the tiles
Unique ‘mood-o-meter’ system
Full HD graphics
Multiplayer mode

Game modes include:
48 story based missions (including 12 hidden object missions)
4 historical epochs
Multiplayer mode

6 Extra modes:
2.Time Rush
3.Crystals Rush
4.Tiles Rush
5.Blockers Rush
6.Score Rush

Lesta Studio was founded in 1991 in St. Petersburg, Russia and entered Interactive Entertainment market in 2002.
Our works include The Entente WWI Battlefields (RTS, 2003), Pacific Storm (RTS/RTT/simulation, 2005), Aggression: Reign Over Europe (RTS, 2007), Elements of War (MMORTS, 2010), Insider Tales: The Secret of Casanova (hidden object, 2009), Master Thief: Skyscraper Sting (hidden object, 2010), and many others.
Our team of over 60 talented and experienced artists, animators, game designers, managers, programmers, sound and video editors works on unique projects pushing liveliness and realism into games, films and other digital imagery.