Lionhead celebrates its 10th anniversary and releases new episode in the studio's video series
London - 30th July, 2007 – Get up close and personal with the team at Lionhead, currently celebrating the studio’s 10th Anniversary and working on “Fable 2” for Xbox 360™, the highly-anticipated follow up to the best-selling, Xbox® exclusive “Fable®.” Episode Two highlights the innovative one-button combat system that gamers will experience in the sequel. Slated for a 2008 release, “Fable 2” represents the studio’s 10-year dedication to creating some of the best and most beloved video games in the industry.

“This is a very exciting time for us,” said Peter Molyneux, managing director of Lionhead Studios. “Ten years in this industry is no small feat. We have a great team that is committed to pushing the limits of what we can do with today’s technology; ten years and counting.”

With the release of Episode Two, listen to Molyneux and the rest of the Lionhead team tell comical anecdotes about their “real-life” combat encounters and meet an eclectic “sword” master whom the studio hired to demonstrate how “real sword fighting is done.” Strangely enough, several members of the Lionhead team own life-size metal weapons, which allowed for daily parking lot meetings and additional comedic relief. To round out their focus on combat, fellow UK developer’s Lionhead and Rare played an intense, yet good-natured game of football, where there was no shortage of fun and/or combat.

With more episodes to come, look for continued behind the scenes tours of “Fable 2.” Get a sneak peek inside the game, as well as get to know the people behind the action. Being a hero or heroine, fighting, questing and adventuring are central to the “Fable” experience. With the upcoming release of “Fable 2,” gamers will be one step closer to fulfilling their dreams of being good or evil; getting married or remaining single; and finding out what it means to experience unconditional love in the world of “Fable.”

Every choice continually defines who the character becomes in “Fable 2,” allowing players to truly live the life they choose.

Check out Episode Two, at

Happy Anniversary Lionhead!

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