New Season 2 of Cronous Begins
Seoul, Korea November 7, 2008 Lizard Interactive has announced the launch of the long awaited Cronous: Season 2 expansion in November. Season 2: Rise of the Masters will start with Episode 1: The Ruins of Manitas on November 12 followed by Episode 2: The Immersion on November 26.

Episode 1: The Ruins of Manitas will feature a new hunting ground for middle level characters with many new and exotic monsters. Many of these monsters will drop new accessory items that can be combined with other materials to make valuable objects. One of the many new accessory items is the Blue Sky Necklace, which has the power to boost basic stats or skills by up to 30%.

Episode 2: The Immersion will introduce a new system called the Master System. In this system, the highest level characters may now be reincarnated as Masters. The reincarnated Masters can learn new and powerful skills and also use exclusive items, weapons and armor that are exclusive for Masters.

To celebrate this long awaited update, there will be a new grand event called Lucky 5x5x5. This event will offer players to hunt monster that give 5 times more item drops, 5 times more EXP, and 5 times more drops of the special Event Dice item. Roll the dice and it will randomly turn into an item that can be used by all classes. This event will be held from November 12-26 and provides a rare one time opportunity to level up quickly and if you are lucky gather valuable treasures.

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