Land of Magic Treasure Chest
Seoul, Korea July 30, 2009 Land of Magic is introducing a new Treasure Chest event on July 30, 2009. A nice break away from traditional EXP Boost events, the Treasure Chest event will give players items according to the amount of time played.

New players can receive the first gift item after only 5 minutes of play time. After another ten minutes, players will receive another next gift item. As playing time doubles, players will receive another special item. Players do not have to be logged on to the game continuously for the time to be accumulated. All players need to do is log in often to receive the special gifts. The time is reset every day during daily server maintenance. For existing players, the times needed to get these special items are longer.

The special gifts will be mostly cash shop items, some rare items and gems. In Land of Magic, gems are needed to upgrade weapons. Some lucky few will win rare weapons considered to be the most valuable items in the game.

Land of Magic is a constantly evolving MMO game that was once the top ranked online game in Korea for three straight years. Land of Magic is also one of the first games to introduce the rebirth system which allows players to reborn over and over again into the same or different professions with different results. Famous for its fast play, number of levels, numerous combinations of skills and distinct differentiation among classes, player characters are all unique in the Land of Magic.

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