Petrogylph Podcasts and a Map Building Contest Now Available for Star Wars: Empire at War
LucasArts and Petroglyph today announced the immediate availability of Petroglyph Podcasts and a Map Building Contest for Star Wars: Empire at War, the award-winning real-time strategy game and the #1 PC title in February/March 2006.

Petroglyph Podcasts
Petroglyph Podcasts, a series of audio interviews with the developers of Star Wars: Empire at War, will take listeners behind the scenes of the game’s development, and into the future of what is planned for its upcoming expansion, Forces of Corruption. In addition, the developers, many of who are industry veterans, will share their experiences making games over the years and offer tips and tricks for listeners who want to break into the industry.

Petroglyph Podcast #1: An Interview with the RTS Audio Legend Frank Klepacki is now available for download at Petroglyph’s official website, and through Apple’s iTunes Music Store.

Petroglyph Podcast #2: Inside the Mind of the President, Mike Legg, will be presented in two parts. In part one of the interview, also now available, features Legg discussing how he turned his love of video games into a full-time career. In part two, scheduled to go live later this week, Legg will talk about his plans for Petroglyph’s future, and how the company will continue to innovate in the RTS genre.

Map Building Contest
The official Petroglyph Star Wars: Empire at War Map Building Contest is now live. Using the Map Editor released in May, players can build and submit their map masterpieces. The top 10 maps, as voted on by players, will be featured on the official Petroglyph website, and of those, Petroglyph developers will pick the top three. The creators of the three winning maps will receive prize bundles including PC hardware and developer-signed copies of Star Wars: Empire at War.

Details and official rules for the Map Building Contest can be found at The Star Wars: Empire at War Map Editor, which enables players to create both ground- and space-based skirmish maps, can be downloaded at Please note that this is an unsupported tool and players will need to first download and install Update 1.04 before using custom-created maps. Update 1.04 is available at
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