Mac Games and More Releases a Retro Arcade 2D Shooter Game
March 11, 2005 – Mac Games and More announced the release of a new game for Mac OS X as well as for PC, called, "Frenesia," which was made with the 2D game engine, PTK. The 2D "Shmup" game takes simple neon graphics and concentrates heavily on challenging game play. Frenesia targets the die-hard, expert 2D shooter game players.

Site Description of Frenesia

If you like intense arcade action, and you are an excellent shmup player, Frenesia justmight be for you. I'm not going to lie. You HAVE to be really good. Are you reallygood? Remember: thinking you're good is NOT the same as BEING good.

Frenesia is a fun and addictive retro arcade game that will shake you up, twirl you around, turn you upside down and drop you on your head. And you'll like that! Slalom with your ship, collect bonuses, shoot aliens, dance around your room (or whatever you do) and send your adrenaline levels to the sky. Hey, but don't blame me for your addiction. Ready? You're on your own.

Musical Note: Like the music? Hate the music? If you can pass Level 9, you'll hear a different music track.

Frenesia costs $6.95 and is available to download and purchase at:
PC version:
Mac os X version:

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