Irth Online Announces Second Beta Test Starts Today
DEDHAM, MA – JULY 13, 2005 – Magic Hat Software ( announced today that the second Beta test for its MMORPG Irth Online begins today and is expected to run through August 12, 2005. Gamers are encouraged to apply for Beta 2 on the Irth Online website.

“We received over 400 suggestions from many thousands of Beta testers in the past three weeks since the start of our first Beta,” says Alan Chipura, Lead Game Designer. “Our tester community’s contributions were outstanding, and we’ve already incorporated many of them into Irth Online, as well as added lots of new content.”

During the first two weeks of the first Beta, the Irth Online team added new animations, male and female characters, and spells. Improvements were made to ground textures and action activity including the ability to actually cut down lumberjacking trees. Several new armors were incorporated such as Chains, Plates, and Scales made from Black Rock, Lava Rock, Copper, Gold, and Irthonium.

During the final week of the first Beta, the Irth team added over 30 new professions including Alchemist, Banker, Glassblower, Fur Trader, Healer, Jeweler, and Enchanter, and added more monster spawns, more spells, and new crafting skills. Also added were improved icons for such things as herbs, pike weapons, war fork, and many others. Over 20 new Trainer Weaponry items include Shields (Heater, Bronze, Great Flare Kite, Iron Round, and more) as well as Axes and Broad Axes.

“We have made literally hundreds of content additions, enhancements, and modifications, so the items we’ve mentioned so far are only a small indication of our efforts,” says Chipura.

Beta testers are welcomed to apply at, the official Irth Online site, where visitors can keep up to date on the latest developments and other game news.

About Magic Hat Software
Magic Hat Software was established in July 2003 in Massachusetts. The team is committed to the idea of creating a virtual world without artificial limits on player behavior or play style, and trusting players to determine their own game experiences. Irth Online is Magic Hat Software’s first commercial MMORPG.
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