MMORPG Irth Online Released by Magic Hat Software
DEDHAM, MA – NOVEMBER 1, 2005 – Fantasy-based MMORPG Irth Online has been released by developer Magic Hat Software, and is now available for purchase at

“After two years in development, and with consistently valuable and energetic input from our loyal Beta testers, Irth Online is now is now ready for commercial release,” says Alan Chipura, Lead Game Designer. “Our development experience has been creative, challenging, mentally stimulating, and, of course, lots of fun – the same experiences gamers will enjoy in Irth Online.”

Irth Online, priced at $29.95 with a monthly subscription fee of $13.95, is available in three formats. Gamers with a high speed Internet connection may purchase an Irth Online access key to play the game online, and gamers using a dial-up connection may purchase the game either on CD-ROM (two disc set) or on a DVD (discs are not available at retail stores). Orders for Irth Online may be placed online only at which explains the ordering procedure and payment options.

The Irth Online Adventure

Irth Online is a huge, intriguing world populated by three distinct PvP civilizations, each competing for life-sustaining resources on the planet Irth. Players must use skill, combat prowess, strategy, commerce, cunning, and magic spells as they determine each civilization’s course of history. For non-PvP players who want a non-combative environment, Irth Online has a centrally located, “neutral” city which survives on commerce, not combat. The enormous size of Irth requires a range of transportation forms – players can walk, run, use speed boots, and can ride air ships, boats, wagon, and mounts – including teleporting with magic.

Some of Irth Online’s Unique Features

Irth Online has many unique features which distinguish it from other MMORPGs, and some of those features are:

. PvP and non-PvP players in the same world
. Storylines and a quest system that are not static; they will be expanded and changed based on what player’s do
. Unique housing system; players get a free home with land for expansion possibilities.
. Open skill system; no level grinding
. Players are not class-based; they are not forced to pick among pre-determined class choices
. Any skill and any profession can be developed (and subsequently changed) by any player
. Players can run their own villages
. Weather affects the game environment (e.g., rain will rust weapons and armor), and gravity, acceleration, velocity, friction, and momentum each affect game objects
. Monsters have random (not point located) spawning so there are no camping issues
. PvP griefing is solved as players will not have to return to their body for resurrection

“Our dev team created these and other unique features because these are the components we wanted – as dedicated MMORPG players – in game play to make the Irth Online experience as fun and rewarding as possible,” adds Mr. Chipura.

Players are encouraged to learn more about Irth Online at the official game site,, where game orders may be placed.

About Magic Hat Software
Magic Hat Software ( was established in July 2003 in Massachusetts. The team is committed to the idea of creating a virtual world without artificial limits on player behaviour or play style, and trusting players to determine their own game experiences. Irth Online is Magic Hat Software’s first commercial MMORPG.
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