Majorem's Massively Multi-Player Real-Time Strategy Game Ballerium Now Live
Company: Majorem
Newport Beach, Calif.—December 14,2007--Majorem, a leading online game and technology development studio, in partnership with live games operator Sleepy Giant announced today that its long-awaited free to play MMORTS, Ballerium, has gone live. The multiplayer online real-time strategy game features innovative gameplay including a real-time economy that lets players control and influence the in-game market, dynamic resource gathering, unique army building mechanics and more. The game can be downloaded for free at

Ballerium is a far off planet facing troubling times. For the first time in its history, the world of Ballerium has been experiencing a global crisis: an oncoming cataclysmic about to bring about the end of the world. Each player in the game controls an Avatar - a spirit of a great hero, and a group of followers (called "units") of that Avatar. Players are free to choose their own goals - whether they wish to try to reveal the mysteries of the gates, to simply amass power and wealth, or to conquer every city and become the ultimate Avatar in Ballerium.

The means for achieving success in the game center around collecting money and resources in order to build a larger army and then banding together with other players to defeat mutual enemies. Players can explore the world seeking new challenges and areas to dominate. Below are the key features of Ballerium:

Free download and gameplay
Persistent multi user environment
Many ways to win the game (trade, role-play, combat, and diplomacy)
AI that is capable of finishing combat for you in case of disconnection
Warfare on an epic scale: Play with thousands of players on a single map
Seven Unique races to choose from, each possessing unique units and magic abilities
Great community features
Low Bandwidth Requirements

Players who register by December 31, 2007 will be entered to win a $50 gift card for
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