Take your Army through Italy with Piercing Fortress Europa!
Company: Matrix Games
Arlington, VT, April 24th 2013 – Matrix Games (www.matrixgames.com) is proud to announce the upcoming release of the latest work of veteran game designer Frank Hunter, Piercing Fortress Europa.

This new engaging strategy wargame covers the Allied invasion of Sicily and campaigns for the Italian peninsula from 1943 through 1945. The title relates to Hitler’s “Festung Europa” which referred to the plan to fortify the whole of occupied Europe in order to prevent invasion from the British Isles by the Allied forces.

The player will have the chance to relive all the steps of the Italian Campaign, with historical orders of battle and freedom of action limited only by realistic logistics. All the units from Axis and Allies are represented (Britain, America, Canada, Poland, New Zealand, India, Brazil, Germany, Italy,etc.) and the player can choose to challenge the AI or a human opponent via PBEM.

Wit, speed and a long view will be required skills to execute a successful plan with your brigades and divisions and secure victory in the campaign and the “what if “ scenarios featured in Piercing Fortress Europa

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About Piercing Fortress Europa

The first Allied landings in Europe in World War II took place in Sicily and then on the Italian mainland. Here many of the soldiers, divisions and generals that later landed in France as well as many others that fought in Italy through to V-E Day first showed that what Hitler called “Fortress Europa” could be breached and the Axis forces in continental Europe defeated. Through these battles, Italy was knocked out of the war and the Wehrmacht forced to eventually fight a three front war that stretched it to the breaking point.

Piercing Fortress Europa is a new game from veteran game designer Frank Hunter, which covers the campaigns of the Western Allies from July, 1943 through the end of April, 1945 in Sicily and Italy. Each area has its own map and time scale to best represent the campaigns for Sicily and Italy and the player is offered complete freedom, limited only by a historical order of battle and logistics model, to plan his operations and explore all of the many “what ifs” that the Italian theater has to offer.

The units of both sides are fully modeled, including armored, infantry, airborne, commando and garrison units rated for size, quality, strength and disruption. Although strength and disruption are important, the focus of the game is on supply and fuel. As the commander you need to plan ahead, allocating your limited combat supply to your units in advance of combat operations and making sure your supply lines do not stretch too far.

Piercing Fortress Europa is not a difficult game to learn, but it is modeled with historical accuracy from start to finish to give a fast playing historical wargame that allows you to think and plan based on the same considerations as a historical theater commander.

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