Pride of Nations swells the ranks!
Company: Matrix Games
Arlington, VT, June 04th 2013 – Matrix Games ( and Slitherine ( are proud to announce the release of the four missing DLCs for Pride of Nations, the turn-based historical strategy game set in the colonial era of the 19th century from AGEOD. These are The American Civil War 1862, The Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871, The Scramble for Africa Campaign 1880 and The Spanish-American War 1898.

The American Civil War 1862 relives the conflict between the North and South factions for the supremacy of the New World.
The Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871 is set during the advent of the Second Reich under the aegis of Otto von Bismarck and the rise of a new European power: Prussia.
In The Scramble for Africa Campaign 1880 the world powers struggle for colonies on the Dark Continent...and beyond.
The Spanish-American War 1898 features the naval and land combat of the two powers, where the results should not be taken for granted.

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Get more information on The American Civil War 1862, The Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871,The Scramble for Africa Campaign 1880, The Spanish-American War 1898 from their official product pages.

About The American Civil War 1862
This scenario starts in 1862 with the Union and the Confederacy locked in a titanic struggle for supremacy in a divided nation. It’s a challenge to the finish, where each side has its well-known strengths and weaknesses, but where sound strategic planning and operations will decide who shall prevail… Most of the key aspects of the ACW are here, including possible foreign intervention in the conflict.
Works only with a version of Pride of Nation - Not a standalone Product

About The Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871
This scenario covers the longest and bloodiest war in Europe during the 19th century, which saw the end of Napoleon III’s Imperial France and the advent of the Second Reich under the aegis of Otto von Bismarck. Prussia and her allies must crush the armies of France, invade the country and capture Paris before the end of 1871, using numbers and excellent leadership. France has quality of troops but abysmal command, and can later rely on Republican spirit to may be turn the tide…nothing is decided from start, it’s all yours to re-live!
Works only with a version of Pride of Nation - Not a standalone Product

The Scramble for Africa Campaign 1880
This medium campaign scenario starts in 1880 with most major powers having a solid industrial base and solved domestic issues (Civil War in the USA, Meiji reforms in Japan) or international recognition (Germany and Italy have succeeded in their unification process). The Berlin Conference of 1878 has opened a large field of expansion for the European Powers in the Dark continent: the Scramble for Africa will begin soon… But conflicts will not be limited only to colonial expansion overseas, as the rampant imperialism of all the Great Powers shall likely trigger a lot of crisis…till the major one, the Great War. Will you be the one to avoid it, or win it when the guns of August have started firing?
Works only with a version of Pride of Nation - Not a standalone Product

The Spanish-American War 1898
This short and epic scenario covers the 10 months of the ‘Splendid Little War’ fought between USA and Spain from April 1898. This is a fast paced scenario where the American player bears the pressure of having to achieve total victory in the same timeframe as his historical counterpart, mastering naval operations as well as lightning land maneuvers. But beware, his opponent can prove himself a much better show than his historical counterpart.
Works only with a version of Pride of Nation - Not a standalone Product

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