Germany at War Conquers More Strategy Fans
Company: Matrix Games
Arlington, VT, 20th January, 2014 - Germany at War, released on the 25th of July last year, was immediately praised by the specialist press as “impressive” and “sophisticated” – Developer Phobetor’s effort to create something truly different and innovative, including many new elements of realism, and focusing on historical accuracy, didn’t go without notice.

Specialist Wargames site said: “This new game throws in real history with useful innovations. The result is spectacular. Phobetor deserves a large amount of praise for their game and encouragement to make a grand series from it”.

Now it’s time for Germany at War to step onto the computers of even more strategy buffs, with the release of a demo and new version translated and adapted for German speaking countries.

The game also gets a patch, v 1.04, which introduces a script editing tool for campaigns and scenarios, adds many new units for the Soviet Union, Germany and Finland, and a load of other stuff. To download the patch, follow the link.

To know more about Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941, check out the product page.

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