Glory is Fleeting, but Obscurity is Forever
Company: Matrix Games
Epsom, UK - June 09, 2015.

"He that makes war without many mistakes has not made war very long” (Napoleon – Emperor of the French)

Two hundred years ago Napoleon was facing his destiny. Declared an outlaw by the Congress of Vienna, he had no choice but to attack before the Seventh Coalition became too organized and overpowered him. The French army was composed of battle-hardened soldiers who had previously fought other campaigns, while the Prussians and multinational troops commanded by Wellington were partly untrained and poorly equipped. Napoleon was holding all the cards… but we all know the final result!

Today fans of the musket era have the chance to become immersed in the final chapter of the Napoleonic Wars with the official release of Scourge of War: Waterloo!

From Hougoumont to La Haye Sainte including Placenoit, players will do their best to coordinate their infantry, cavalry and artillery units in order to outsmart their opponent in huge battles counting thousands of soldiers, while seizing the key locations in time. Along with 20 historical scenarios and a set of multiplayer maps, the new creation from developer NorbSoftDev includes a sandbox campaign for the very first time in the Scourge of War series! This game mode regularly requested by the community finally allows players to string battles together for a thrilling what-if approach of Waterloo.

Thanks to in-depth research, the game includes historical unit names, weapons, leaders and formations and simulates with a surprising accuracy all of the variables that were decisive on the battlefields of this period. Armies from both sides are now awaiting the players to lead them to glory… or shame!

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