Send Your Enemies to the Eternal Repose in the Sea Abyss and Make Your Chest Cram with Gold in Pirates: Battle for the Caribbean
Media Contact LLC announces the release of version 1.0 of 'Pirates: Battle for the Caribbean', a charming treasure-hunting adventure, full of sea battles and pirates.

Ah, what a remarkable time! It's full of valiant and courageous hearts willing to climb to the top of the world. It is the time of conflicts and battles,
when everyone who is strong and brave enough, struggles for freedom and ventures out to the unbounded sea. It is the time of pirates. Unfurl your sails and head towards great adventures!

Pirates: Battle for the Caribbean is a smashing cocktail, consisting of the charming romance of sea voyages, the spirit of gallant and noble piracy,
tremendous ship battles, creation of fortifications and, of course, countless treasures!

You will certainly be pleased by the fact that such a marvelous game is absolutely no cost and doesn't contain any spyware or adware. Just download the game and enjoy the full version of Pirates in all its beauty right away.

Fierce and dynamic battles of Pirates look really astonishing, as you admire the superb 3d graphics with high-quality special effects and marvelous sound that adds even more brilliance to the game. Pirates' visuals and sound really stand out.

The fortification on the island will help in your quest as you hold the battle. The money you will get during encounters with cunning adversaries can be
spent on a wide variety of armaments and fortress power-ups. Gain enough gold and you will be able to launch a full-scale assault to make your opponent tremble!

The game is divided into 30 interesting missions, each offering you a new challenge, but you can also enjoy the absorbing gameplay of Pirates in the
survival mode.

What's more, the game provides both sides of the Caribbean conflict. It's up to you to decide, whether to become a British officer and defend the honor of the Crown or assume the role a fearless pirate captain, defending his freedom to the last breath.

Smell some gunpowder and obtain your piece of national treasures with Pirates!

Pricing and Availability
'Pirates: Battle for the Caribbean' runs under all versions of Microsoft Windows and provided at no cost. Further information on the game, as well as its
fully functional version is available free of charge from

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