Mercury Effects Software Releases Its Underground Adventure Game, Miner Madness
PITTSBURGH, PA – June 16, 2005 – See you underground! Mercury Effects Software ( has confirmed today the release of Miner Madness for the PC, the widely-anticipated subterranean adventure game which immerses you in the role of a determined miner blasting his way to the surface of a collapsing mine. In unexplored chasms and abandoned shafts, you will encounter leagues of mutated rodents, storms of bats, gushing water and oil geysers, bottomless sinkholes, haunting apparitions, and much more. Ultimately, the fear of further collapse will resonate in your mind as pressure in the mine builds, and the ground begins to quake.

Experience the thrills as you ignite dynamite and slam super pickaxes into the ground to blast through rock and dirt. Detonate old powder kegs using blasting caps, or summon heavy-machinery for ultimate destruction. With multiple in-game help screens, tutorial tips and more, Miner Madness is quick to learn but hard to put down.

Miner Madness also introduces an exclusive system which allows you to collect over 175 unique artifacts as you solve challenging puzzles, perform adventure quests, and blast your way through the treacherous mine. Adding great challenge and fun, this feature allows you to view each artifact and its unique description in the Museum of Lost Artifacts.

Miner Madness combines an engaging story, funky tunes, and an exciting adventure to produce a diverse and humorous game for a non-violent experience that everyone will enjoy. At you can safely and quickly download the Miner Madness demo completely free. The whole family will be swinging that pickaxe in no time!
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