Meridian4 and Full Control Announce Frontline Tactics Unveiling Game to the Public at gamescom 2012
Company: Meridian4
Montreal, Quebec, Canada – August 7, 2012 – A modern take on the tactical strategy genre makes its public debut during Gamescom 2012 as Meridian4 (@Meridian4) and Full Control announce Frontline Tactics. A tactical strategy game for the PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone, Frontline Tactics can be played in single-player mode, or two different multiplayer modes across either of the different gaming platforms. Players can be playing on their iPad or iPhone against others who may be playing on their Windows laptop or iMac.

Frontline Tactics will be on display during Gamescom at the Full Control booth located in Hall 4.2, booth J-045. Members of the international media community wishing to receive a demo or interview may contact:

“Frontline Tactics is the ideal game for today’s player who often has multiple gaming devices and extremely limited time to play,” said Steve Milburn, Marketing Director of Meridian4. “The turn-based nature of the game, coupled with its multiplatform support lets you play whenever and wherever you want.”

The year is 2025 and the world still runs on oil . A small splinter military group led by a madman named Akhali Muhamar threatens to take over the oil-rich nation of Fahrahn. The country is a large oil supplier to the Western world and national interests are threatened. An elite group of soldiers are called in to lead a proactive attempt to quell the uprising and attempt to maintain peace through military action before it turns into full scale war.

Frontline Tactics lets players command a modern, elite fighting unit over varied missions from defending and controlling a location or asset, to all-out elimination and survival. Outfit your soldiers with modern weapons, armor and equipment and give them the skills to succeed on the battlefield. Play against a ruthless and cunning AI in single player or simultaneously battle it out in multiplayer in versus or co-op modes over multiple platforms.

About Meridian4
Established 2004 in Montreal, Canada, Meridian4 is an interactive entertainment publisher for today’s popular video game platforms. Supported by a wide network of international developers, the company’s growing catalog of games are distributed both digitally and through retail. A strong management team of seasoned industry professionals has strategically grown the company by solidifying and expanding its distribution channel; identifying and securing appealing content, and increasing its consumer awareness via innovative marketing and social media programs. More information can be found online at or follow Meridian4 on Twitter @Meridian4.

About Full Control
Full Control is a small but dedicated independent game development company creating high quality games we would play ourselves. We specialize in turn-based games for male core players who don’t have time to spend 200 hours playing the latest AAA console game, and find no satisfaction in shooting purple pigs at crates.

About WIT Entertainment
WIT Entertainment is an independent game developer and content provider for the video game industry. Operating since 1997, WIT Entertainment has over 20 game titles to their credit.

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