Merscom to Bring Eric Young's Squad Assault to North America, Germany, Poland, Russia and Taiwan
Company: Merscom
CHAPEL HILL, NC - March 24, 2005 - Merscom LLC today announced plans to co-publish "Eric Young's Squad Assault" for PC in North America, Germany, Poland, Russia and Taiwan. Merscom is working with DAS Entertainment LLC to localize the World War II real-time strategy game for individual territories. Retailing for $29.99 (USD) in North America, the game will feature all previously released patches for "Squad Assault: West Front" plus the World Editor and 800 MB of new content.

"The Squad Assault series is a great example of a development team listening to and answering the requests of the gaming community," said Merscom Director, Lloyd Melnick. "The sheer amount of new content will really give players bang for their buck."

"We are very excited to be working with Merscom and its international partners to bring Eric Young's Squad Assault to retail markets around the world,"
said Executive Producer Eric Young of DAS Entertainment.

Key features:
Continuous time / Timed play World War II 3D strategy game
Pauseable (user-defined or auto-paused)
Company-level tactical setting with emphasis on small unit tactics
Detailed combat system
Detailed armor models
Play as Allies or Germans (allies include US, British, Canadian and French troops)
Detailed psychological models
Complete, fully deformable 3D world
Detailed terrain model based on topographic maps of the real terrain
Full 2D maps available at a keystroke to make battle overview simple and easy to view
Multiplayer action for head-to-head play
Multiplayer client Included
Historical and hypothetical scenarios
Operations and dynamic campaigns allow extensive replayability (ships with 3 full campaigns)
Scenario Editor
Ships with easy to use mod installer (swap mods with a mouse click!); sample mods are included

Over 800 MB of new content in this version includes:
- World editor to create new maps
- Over 50 new modder made maps
- 5 new operations
- 50 scenarios
- 2 new campaigns
- Several new vehicles

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